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Jerry Brown

Gov. Moonbeam’s Very Own Foreign Policy


Wow! California Gov. Jerry “the Brainless Wonder” Brown is in Peking, cobbling together his own foreign policy with Red China. (Note: I deliberately use old-fashioned terms. “Bay-Zhing” is an affectation, and China is still communist de jure if not altogether de facto.)

California, says the Great Moonbeam, refuses to go along with America’s choice to withdraw from the U.S. economy-killing Paris Climate Pact, so he’s gonna buddy up with the Chicoms to Save The Planet. The fact that China is the biggest polluter in the world rolls right off his back.

“We are not moving at the pace needed to prevent catastrophe,” babbled the governor. Meanwhile the nooze media cried real tears over the U.S. “handing China the mantle in the battle against Global Warming.”

Get it? Growing the government to a level of power and intrusiveness never seen before, and taxing everybody’s pants off, will make the global climate nice again. And we can trust the communist government of China to really cut way, way back on their pollution.

Jerry, oh, Jerry! What a huckleberry. Ask someone to give you a knife so you can cut out a slab of Peking’s air and bring it home to California.

Be very, very afraid of the feckless loons who govern the nations of the world today. Not to mention the kooks who govern states.


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