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Image: By Ed_Stetzer | Southeastern Seminary

Conspiracy Minded Christians Repent? An Open Letter to CT’s Ed Stetzer


“Simply put, the spreading of these conspiracies are hurting our witness and making Christians look, yet again, foolish. And it’s time to repent. 
Yes, repent.” – Ed Stetzer

Repent? Not when I see my fellow Christians slandered and sued for remaining true to their convictions. The money trails are easy to uncover and our politicians and free press have revealed themselves as liars and traitors. 

I no longer blog, nor did I ask to be woken up. I got into blogging at Western Journalism after ‘Benghazi’ and found myself knee deep in conspiracy. Then I did some research and saw things for how they really are.

I no longer blog because it steals my Christian joy. I’d rather separate myself from the deceptions than attempt to set the records straight, but I don’t pay much mind to those who refuse to use logic and reason and perform their due diligence to test the spirits. When you fail to discern you can’t cry when you are deceived. But I no longer worry; God’s in control and it’s unfolding exactly according to His plan.

“As Christians, we believe God really existed. We believe Christ resurrected and He’s coming again. We believe that none of this is myth, rumor, or groundless belief. We believe in a God who is truth itself. Yet in perpetuating the Seth Rich conspiracy, some Christians again are looking silly. The conspiracies were debunked by independent investigations such as websites like PolitiFact and” *

Shame on Mr. Stetzer for having his eyes so wide shut. If you are too lazy to spot the level of depravity and the extent of the deception you no longer qualify to judge the motives, insight, and sincerity of those who seek to shine a light on the evil in high places. Satan is a liar and he’s a bipartisan deceiver.

The deep state, the media, the federal reserve, much of the intel community, and the core of both political parties and their special interests, foreign and domestic, have formed an unholy alliance that increasingly negates the will and trust of the American people. Our Constitution is in a perpetual state of violation by career politicians, activist judges and hand selected executives. The hijacking of our political system has become tragically and alarmingly normative.

No amount of shaming or gaslighting can prevent discerning, vigilant citizens and conscientious objectors from seeking truth, transparency and integrity of their public servants, news journalists and investigative reporters. As a growing majority of our established institutions proceed to fail us, it is up to the average citizen to seek truth and ensure our fellow man is protected from evil and tyranny in its most vile forms.



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