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Trump Pulls Out of Paris Accord

Refusing to Drink the Kool-Aid: Trump Walks Away from the Paris Climate Accord


Hillary Clinton gives 39 reasons she lost to Donald Trump.

There are fewer reasons the Paris climate accord was rejected: it cost too much, it would have accomplished nothing for the climate and it would have rewarded insiders gaming the system at the expense of everyone else.

There is one more reason Paris went up in smoke: a man who recognized its fatal flaws was in position to do something about it. Donald Trump refused to drink the Kool-Aid.

The irony is rich. If half the nation hadn’t backed a deeply flawed candidate who blames virtually everyone else for her loss, then half the nation would not have elected the deeply flawed Donald Trump. It took deal-maker Trump to recognize the obvious: it’s a bad deal. Hillary would have jumped aboard that climate train to oblivion in a New York minute.

Yours truly has written about climate alarmism’s pretensions, corruption and costly consequences for nearly 20 years, even when it was called “global warming.” When Trump announced the United States is pulling out of the Paris agreement, it was an answer to prayer. Literally.

Global warming never was about the globe getting warmer. It’s always been about control and money. Their control, and your money.

The Paris scheme would have expanded that harmful remedy worldwide – except, of course, for those gaming the system like China and India, who are exempted from its economy-dampening requirements.

That’s because like all big government, top-down “solutions,” all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. Just as George Orwell warned 70 years ago.

For the record, the globe hasn’t gotten warmer for nearly 20 years. Whatever tiny temperature increase might be measured is well within the margin of error, meaning it’s just as likely that things have gotten colder.

CO2 isn’t a pollutant. It’s a trace natural gas necessary to support life. It’s plant food. When there’s more of it, crops flourish.

Alternative energy is more costly to produce and less reliable. Windmills and solar farms require conventional energy-producing backups. To go green means building twice as much at obviously twice the price.

Take away taxpayer-funded subsidies for electric cars, windmills, solar panels, etc. and you get products that cannot be manufactured or sold at competitive prices. To presume solar and wind are more eco-friendly, ignores the thousands of birds roasted and shredded by a blight of black panels and windmill blades covering the earth.

The only place on earth global warming’s catastrophic climate results can be found is in deeply flawed computer models. Garbage in, garbage out. Virtually no catastrophic predictions have come to pass.

If every nation adopted the Paris plan to roll back affordable energy and ratchet up costly alternatives, a temperature change of an undetectable 0.05 degrees Celsius over the next 80 years might occur, assuming the alarmists’ own calculations and if we do everything they demand.

And that’s if you buy the absurd claim that a tiny trace gas is what makes the world warmer, as opposed to things like sunshine.

What’s all this worth? Certainly not the loss of nearly 400,000 American jobs, a $20,000 decline in family income or an aggregate $2.5 trillion gross domestic product loss, let alone a 13- to 20-percent increase in household electricity costs.

Warmists who insist they have mankind’s best interest at heart would deny impoverished Third World countries the luxury of low-cost energy, which brings economic prosperity and niceties like refrigeration for food and medicine. The Al Gore crowd would rather these people huddle around fires of burning dung to heat their homes and cook their meals.

Ask yourself why so many governments and cronies in the wings seeking to profit from the Paris scheme missed these obvious short-comings.

Because they stand to gain control and money.

Karl Marx and Charles Ponzi would have loved the Paris accord. Al Gore and Barack Obama do. That says much.

One wag noted there are nearly 3 times as many polar bears today as the day Al Gore was born. But that duplicitous politician got rich.

Americans, bless their skeptical hearts, aren’t gullible. That’s why Obama never referred to the Paris agreement as a “treaty,” as do all the other nations on earth. A treaty requires an accountable Congress’ approval. An “accord” doesn’t. Paris was just another Obama executive order.

To further the irony, a Trump executive action undid it.

Progressives, big-government leftists and a rabid environmental lobby are in melt down. Another irony.

California Gov. Jerry Brown and counterparts in Washington state and New York are considering going it alone to combat evil CO2 and save the planet. What do you want to bet it will cost their constituencies plenty, vastly reward crony accomplices and achieve zilch environmentally? Here’s a prediction: they will exempt China and India too.


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