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Mark Zuckerberg’s Great Vision: Get In Line, and Be Happy!


Mr. Zuckerberg is no question a sharp fellow. You don’t create one of the most popular websites in the world (Facebook) and become a multi-billionaire by being a dolt.  Even so, given his remarks recently to Harvard graduates, one wonders if he is working on a new site to be named ‘Faceplant.’

Mark Zuckerberg is 33. He dropped out of Harvard in this sophomore year. His charitable work since achieving success is laudable of course.  But his enduring support of all things Obama is troubling for obvious reasons: they are all anti-American.  The following assertions by Mark at Harvard commencement are truly frightening:

  • We should create guaranteed, universal income.
  • We have a responsibility to “create a world where everyone has a sense of purpose,” and we must “create a sense of purpose for others,” the only path to happiness.
  • We must solve the critical problem of climate change.

There is no way one can reasonably accomplish any one of these goals unless he believes he is the god of communism.

Universal income?

Someone must administer the collection of monies from a large group of wage earners, and distribute those monies to a much larger group.   That ‘someone’ is always government.  That government is always dictatorial.  It steals from one citizen to give to another, thus controlling everyone, and when the inevitable push back comes, we are left with war, mass murder, and massive chaos.  Lofty goal. Horrific outcomes.

Create a world? Exactly how do mere humans create worlds?  And how do we presume to create purpose for others?

Our traditional belief is the God of love creates men and women as equals, endows them with certain unalienable rights, chief among them, rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The fact we are created and loved by the divine, ultimate Person provides all the purpose most people require.

We have NEVER asserted that we can replace God, and create our own world, or that we have the power to create happiness for others. We have only proposed to create the conditions wherein people have an opportunity to exercise their right to pursue Happiness.  There are no guarantees, only opportunities.

Mark wants us to believe that Happiness itself is a right, and that humans can create Happiness for all. Besides being entirely unrealistic, such an illusion is dangerous.  The questions are serious:

  • Which definition of Happiness shall we agree upon? Yours? Or mine?
  • Who will create this ‘sense of purpose?”
  • How will we define ‘purpose?’
  • Where is the personal responsibility of individuals?
  • Who will enforce the creation of this new world where everyone lives with a sense of purpose provided by someone else?
  • When the definitions change, who will remain in control?
  • Where do notions of self-government and limited government fit into all this, these two pillars of Americanism?
  • How is Liberty threatened by this grandiose idea of created worlds, assured sense of purpose, and generalized happiness, and guaranteed income, all delivered up like fast food?

And finally, global warming and radical climate change, the fault of human activity?

One army of scientists claims it is a crisis: man must undo what man has wrought. Another army of scientists says the whole theory is a hoax.  The proponents are guilty of fraud on many fronts, insisting compliance, twisting arms and making threats, all of it undermining their credibility.

Obviously, the so-called problem remains undefined, so any solution is likely worthless. Yet, the elites insist we sign up and act.  It makes little sense.

Proponents insist further that the carrying capacity of the earth is only one billion people. Today we have about seven billion. Private whispers at cocktail parties, where elites gather to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves, reveal the solution: leveraging the climate change ‘crisis’ to reduce human populations employing radical interventions.  Cull the herd: save the planet.

How then do we cull the herd from seven billion people to one billion? The global systems are already in place: publicly-funded abortion on demand through the ninth month, infanticide, birth control, forced sterilization, death panels, and turning a blind eye to certain catastrophes.  All part of world creating you see.

To create this purpose-driven utopia, we are urged (or threatened) to follow the advice of people like Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama, people working for world government, a global authority capable of creating worlds wherein everyone has purpose, everyone is happy, everyone gets a regular check, and the planet is healed.

The irony is such a world would never allow Mark to dream about creating a website, much less allow him to get rich in pursuit his dream, for his sense of happiness would inevitably conflict with the interests of the state. No global authority will stomach free speech, or Liberty, or the individual’s pursuit of Happiness.

Mark suggests we destroy all the conditions giving rise to his success, redefining success to mean the installation of global tyranny dictating every detail of life, even the definition of happiness. Not happy with that?

Too bad.  Get back in line.


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