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Media Press Briefing

How the Media Engage in Subversion and Espionage against the U.S.


Media and the rest of the Ruling Class continue promoting conspiracy theories about Donald Trump engaging in treason with Russia. They regularly rely on anonymous sources to give their lies an appearance of legitimacy. Such an action is not unique; media have engaged in similar actions for decades. They are how the media conduct subversion and espionage operations against the United States of America.

In the case of Trump, the media are running a subversion operation against the United States by way of making unfounded accusations about him engaging in treason with Russia. Their accusations are supposedly supported by sources. But these sources are usually anonymous—and they often allegedly disclose classified intelligence without authorization.

Media have subsequently whipped up hysteria with these completely unfounded stories. And in doing this, they are undermining the validity of the Trump administration. This also means they are undermining the validity of the United States government.

This is the definition of subverting a nation.

Again, there is nothing new about what the media are doing. Think about what they did with Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. They did similar things in those cases that they are now doing with Trump. And they also engaged in espionage.

The media engaged in espionage by receiving and then publishing the intelligence that Manning and Snowden stole. Then the subverted the U.S. by proclaiming that the intelligence proved the U.S. was committing wrongs against its own citizens and against other nations. And then they went further still.

Media made outlandish claims based on ignorant and outright malicious interpretations of the purloined intelligence. And when the intelligence community and government pushed back on their claims, the media called them liars.

Calling the IC and government liars was a win-win response for the media and their subversion and espionage operation. If the government didn’t release any further classified intelligence to prove them wrong, the media could keep up with subverting the U.S. by accusing it of having engaged in wrongdoing. And if the U.S. released further information (which it did), the media still won because it got the U.S. to give up additional classified intelligence.

In short, the media relied on their standard template of making unfounded accusations and then screaming, “Prove us wrong! Disclose more classified intelligence that proves you didn’t do what we claim you did!”

The media are a national security threat to the United States of America. They constantly engage in subversion and espionage operations against it. (Even worse, they regularly engage in subversion and espionage operations against private citizens. But that’s a story for another day.)

Their conspiracy theory about Trump engaging in treason with Russia is one of the latest examples of this threat. Yet the Ruling Class has chosen to allow these operations to occur for decades.

Very well.

Let us all remember this. Let us remember this standard for the future when alternative media and other groups may choose to conduct the same type of operations against presidents and governments the Ruling Class supports. If the standard is to allow one group of people to engage in subversion and espionage operations against the U.S. government, then that standard must be held when anyone else engages in such operations too.

Alternatively, the Ruling Class could get out of the way and allow the U.S. government to start prosecuting media that are currently conducting subversion and espionage operations.


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