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Sweden feminists galloping

The War Against History, Swedish-Style


The worldwide liberal meltdown is especially hot in Sweden. Recently, a bunch of “feminist artists” ran through Stockholm–they “galloped,” imitating horses: are these people for real?–to protest “patriarchal statues” of men, historical figures, on horseback.

The group ‘galloped’ past the Royal Palace, Humlegården, Royal Garden, and Gustav Adolf’s Square, pausing at statues, where participants “snorted”, kicked, and flicked their hair in an attempt to mimic equine behaviour.

Hoping that ‘City Horses’ could start a debate about men and women in public space, artist Helena Byström said the “feminist dance gallop” acted as a necessary “counterweight to the great hordes of men who take up room in the city in different ways”.

“Men occupy too much public space,” was their complaint–not just in the form of statues commemorating Sweden’s history, but also as drivers of cars. Too many Swedish men drive cars.

See, when you become the creator, instead of God, you have license to erase history because nothing happened unless you say it happened–and no one is allowed to remember anything unless it’s been approved as left-wing feminist drivel.

Meanwhile, Sweden imports multitudes of Muslim “asylum seekers,” mostly single men of military age–nothing sinister about that!–and Stockholm, by the efforts of these newcomers, has become the rape capitol of Europe.

Folly kills.


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