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Robert De Niro

Image credit: By Angela George

De Niro Admonishes Brown University Grads to Stop the Insanity


Robert De Niro is marvelous actor but a terrible professor of sociology and politics. Reading his script to Brown University graduates Sunday he said America was once “an inspiring uplifting drama” but has become “a tragic dumbass comedy.” De Niro went on to say our political life has become “nightmarish.”

As to nightmarish politics, De Niro has referred to President Trump as an idiot, a punk, a pig, a dog, a con, a bulls— artist, a mutt.”  Several months ago De Niro said he wanted to punch Trump in the face.  Useful political analysis?  An effort to restore the inspiring drama?  Or part of the dumb–s comedy?

The famous actor told graduates at Brown they must work to stop the insanity and work to make the world a better place.  Presumably, Mr. De Niro is setting the example in this quest, though it is impossible to miss the hypocrisy.

However, one must agree with Mr. De Niro that America was once an uplifting beacon.  We showed the world we could govern ourselves, a first!  We proved that limited government works.  We demonstrated that virtuous people, voluntarily caring for one on another, did not need massive, dictatorial government.  We shared the blessings of liberty with the world and encouraged freedom and dignity worldwide.  That is, we inspired dramatically in these ways until the communist clown show began eating away at the foundations, a clown show sponsored in large measure by Hollywood and good communists everywhere.

Global communist conspirators were wise as serpents.  They knew the only way to defeat America was to separate Americans from their cherished values.  They attacked our family values, our faith, our foundational political principles.  The massive assault was launched in part through media, especially movies.  Encouraging drug use, hyper-sexuality, and immorality on every front, the communist clown show, year after year, eroded the foundations, creating this “tragic comedy,” and Mr. De Niro was a willing participant, reaping a fortune in the doing.

Along comes the admittedly imperfect Mr. Trump extolling traditional values, limited government, consent of the governed, the Will of the People, sovereignty and security, all in an effort to overcome the clown show and rekindle the inspiring drama, and Mr. De Niro’s contribution is calling him a pig, encouraging the clown show, decrying what he helped create.  Truly nightmarish.

Back to class Robert. You earned an F this semester.


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