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The Left-Winger, the Right-Winger and the Cake…ie Government Power


I’m pondering the vastly different left-wing and right-wing attitudes and actions regarding the cake (the government power).

If Barack Obama, Bill Clinton or other socialist is in power, the pack of liberal wolves demand the whole cake — and they receive it.

Yet, when George W. Bush, Donald Trump or other right-winger is in power, the pack of liberal wolves keep demanding the whole cake — whining and growling when they receive a slice.

Right-wingers have abundant reasons to complain under Obama and Clinton: they received no slice of the cake.

But left-wingers have no reason to complain under Bush and Trump: they receive a slice of the cake.

Under Clinton and Obama,

Abortion measures satisfied only the left-wing greed.

Homosexual measures satisfied only the left-wing greed.

Contraceptive measures satisfied only the left-wing greed.

Sex education measures satisfied only the left-wing greed.

In comparison, under Trump,

Pro-life measures, especially the Mexico City Policy, have satisfied only the conservative wish, even though a repeal of the ultra-abortion law Roe v. Wade is not in view.

Homosexual measures have satisfied both the left-wing greed and the pro-family wish. Even though Trump has repealed a few Obama’s pro-sodomy decrees, he has essentially kept Obama’s homosexual imperialism. From the homosexual cake, a slice to conservatives and a larger slice to left-wing wolves.

Conservatives are not protesting Trump’s kind attitude of sharing the homosexual cake between right-wingers and left-wingers.

Left-wingers receive their slice of the cake, continuing to whine and growl, an eternal wolfish attitude. The pack of liberal wolves want the cake, the whole cake, and nothing but the cake.

But conservatives demonstrate a sheepish attitude. It seems that they think, “Clinton and Obama would never give us a piece of the cake. At least Trump gave us a slice of the cake, and we are very grateful!”

If Trump does not want give the whole cake to conservatives, there is no problem: they are meekly satisfied with only a slice.

But if he does not give the whole cake to left-wingers, there is a serious problem! The pack will whine and threaten. One slice is never enough!

Of course, Trump’s attitude of sharing the homosexual cake can be justified by the fact that he has no conservative or right-wing history.

Besides, in his campaign in 2016, he never promised to give the whole cake of homosexual issues to conservatives.

What he promised was not to give any slice of the cake to neocon wolves. Conservative evangelicals, the base that gave him the electoral victory, were elated over this promise and left-wingers, with some warmongering Republicans, whined and growled…

But now, neocon wolves are cutting the cake and “helping” Trump to share it. A large slice to Saudi Arabia, which is the main sponsor of the global Islamic terrorism and whose terrorist citizens were mostly responsible for the 9/11 Islamic attack.

Because of Trump’s promises, especially of an alliance with Russia against Islamic terrorism, we conservative evangelicals thought that he would give no slice of the cake to neocon wolves, whose warmongering greed in the Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations was broadly gratified by an U.S. alliance with Islam against Russia.

Now, again, neocon wolves have the whole cake, and there is no Trump or a conservative to confront them and their greed.

May God take the cake from the wolves. Or may God use courageous Americans to take the cake from the wolves!

Portuguese version of this article: O esquerdista, o direitista e o bolo


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