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Haven Can Wait for Refugees


President Trump has been trying to prove his point about the dangers of unvetted refugees for months. On Monday, a radical Islamist did it for him. When a young jihadist walked into the Manchester Arena and detonated his suicide vest, suddenly, the White House’s tough stance on immigration and travel didn’t seem so extreme after all. According to intelligence sources, the bomber had “proven” ties to ISIS and was suspected of making multiple trips to Libya and Syria. His family, it’s been learned, were refugees themselves — fleeing to Britain years ago to escape the reign of Muammar Qaddafi.

Unfortunately, this is exactly the crisis facing America: closing the door that Obama opened wide to Middle Easterners streaming across the border to seek asylum. In what could easily become a dangerous situation for America, hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals have grossly overstayed their limited visas, Congress discovered last year. A whopping 527,127 visitors who were supposed to leave in 2015 didn’t. Obviously, very few immigrants are a threat to American security. But, as too many families can attest, Obama’s lax attitude toward immigration law was another way for the enemy to exploit us.

Like most conservatives, Donald Trump knows that what happened in Manchester is just a preview of things to come here at home if we don’t take the necessary precautions to screen the people pouring into our country. “We must do our part in the United States,” Fox News’s Todd Starnes writes in a powerful op-ed after the horror in Britain. “We must secure our borders, we must investigate those who come here from the birthplace of this radical ideology, and we must do whatever is necessary to prevent American blood from being shed on American soil.”

Part of that, FRC’s Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin pointed out with Stuart Varney, is empowering everyday citizens to speak up when they see something suspicious. “If you look at virtually every one of these terror attacks, somebody knew something ahead of time. There is both individual political correctness and institutional political correctness — and both of them are prohibiting us from doing what we need to do to protect our nation and our people.” The only way to stop the violence is to adopt policy that refuses to be limited by political correctness. That’s exactly what Donald Trump is proposing. In the climate liberals have created, Americans are too afraid of being called a bigot to report anyone who looks suspicious. The Left can talk about tolerance and diversity all they want until it’s one of their kids lying lifeless on the floor of arenas like Manchester. We have to be willing to take action that puts American security — not sensitivity — first.


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