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Bradley Manning Back in National Security while Ruling Class Distracts with Russia Conspiracy Theories


Bradley Manning is back in the national security world after returning to active duty in the U.S. Army. Yet no one in power is concerned with this scandalous story. In fact, the Ruling Class distracts the nation from it by continuing to promote conspiracy theories about Donald Trump and Russia.

Sexual deviant Manning stole U.S. intelligence and gave it to WikiLeaks, the organization the U.S. intelligence community has linked to Russia. The media and the rest of the Ruling Class celebrated this betrayal and have advocated for Manning ever since. They’ve been cheering louder than ever for the reprobate following Obama’s commutation of his sentence. That’s why they’re giddy that Manning is once more “an active-duty, unpaid soldier, eligible for health care and other benefits, following her [sic] scheduled release May 17 from military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, according to the Army.”

Meanwhile, the Ruling Class continues spreading conspiracy theories about Trump having worked with Russia to steal the 2016 presidential election from Hillary Clinton. It is now buttressing these conspiracy theories with the never-ending investigations of Trump that daily saturate the media.

This abhorrent behavior—celebrating Manning and spreading lies about Trump—doesn’t seem to bother anyone in the Ruling Class. Democrats, Republicans, progressives, and conservatives all are acting as if this is normal. Indeed, they seem to relish their gross actions.

If our leaders retained any sense of morality they wouldn’t put up with it. Manning wouldn’t be back in the national security system walking around free like any other soldier. He’d be under strict guard and he’d be doing a lot of corrective training along with many creative additional duties. There would be none of this “transgender” nonsense, and he wouldn’t receive any health care or benefits.

And there wouldn’t be any investigations into Trump. Instead, there would be mass investigations into the Ruling Class—the Democrats and media in particular—followed by mass prosecutions of the same.

But the United States of America is morally bankrupt and a banana republic. And so we have the Ruling Class celebrating Manning returning to the national security world even as it creates hysteria by lying about the president of the United States having conspired with Russia to steal an election.

This is reality whether we like it or not.


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