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yard sign hate has no home

Liberals Combat Loser Syndrome With Yard Signs


Rich liberals in my rich liberal home town are putting up yard signs, I guess because they lost an election and can’t take victory for granted anymore.

Hate Has No Home Here is the most common sign, with Science Is Real in second place.

The slogan is repeated in Arabic and Spanish to make sure jihadists and gangsters get the message.

While Muslim terrorists slaughter innocent people throughout the world, rich liberals in rich liberal neighborhoods think it would be hateful to keep Muslim “asylum seekers” out of not-so-rich and not-so-liberal neighborhoods in other towns. Other states, if possible. Ignoring the carnage–the jihad blew up 20-plus people at a concert in Manchester, just hours ago–the libs seek to demonstrate their righteousness and their generosity without paying any kind of price: because they always succeed in arranging for other people to pay the price for them.

Those who seek to wipe out our nation’s borders are the accomplices of Islamic jihad, Latino street gangs, and drug lords.

And it’s all so they can feel so good about themselves! No price is too high for you to pay for them to feel righteous.

I do understand that there are Muslims who only wish to live at peace with their neighbors, and are surely no threat to anyone. May we never, never lump them in with the murderers.

And I hope they understand that some of us are getting mighty tired of liberals and their suicidal policies getting innocent people blown to Kingdom Come.

P.S.–I think it’s righteous to hate murderers and try to stop them if we can, and punish them with death if we can catch them. We are in serious trouble if that kind of “hate” has no home here anymore.

Liberals sincerely do not care how many of you get killed in the course of their little demographic and cultural experiments.


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