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President Donald Trump Expands His Pro-Life Policy Against Surgical Abortions, But Not Against the Gay Agenda


CBN News is reporting that the Trump Administration will significantly expand the Mexico City Policy.

The Mexico City Policy, initiated by President Ronald Reagan in 1985, stops U.S. taxpayer funding of groups that perform and promote abortions overseas but it does not stop contraceptive and homosexual international assistance. The order ensures millions in U.S. dollars will continue to go to foreign health care and humanitarian relief that provide contraception and immoral sex education. It just will not subsidize surgical abortion overseas.

The Mexico City Policy has been cyclical in the U.S. policies, with Reagan, Bush and Trump supporting it, and Clinton and Obama revoking it. If the next U.S. president is a Democrat, or socialist, he will revoke it.

The Trump administration is modernizing the Mexico City Policy to cover all foreign health assistance provided by government agencies including the State Department, U.S. Agency for International Development, the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, and the Department of Defense. Previously the policy only covered family planning funds.

Only surgical abortion activity is affected. The U.S. government under Trump is likely to keep funding questionable programs and activities that advocate contraception and homosexuality as family planning and immoral sex education, even though contraception often entails micro-abortions.

In 1992, in an international meeting with the Latin American director of UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), I met the director of the Brazilian affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, who gave me a special document on how to guide legislators and authorities to support immoral sex education for teenagers. The document had been officially printed in the U.S. Government Printing Office in 1989 during the Bush administration, when the Mexico City Policy was in force.

The document had no abortion advocacy, but had detailed instructions directed to legislators about Brazilian teenagers’ “need” of comprehensive immoral sex education and contraception. The Mexico City Policy was powerless to hinder this depraved document from being printed in the U.S. Government Printing Office at the expense of U.S. taxpayer.

The most powerful pro-abortion institutions in the world are American, including Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Soros Foundation and many other foundations. The most prominent pro-abortion, sex education and contraceptive organization in the world is the International Planned Parenthood Federation, founded by American Margaret Sanger.

If Trump could treat these U.S. groups that export abortion throughout the world the way neocons treat vulnerable nations, the pro-abortion ideology would suffer destruction and death.

The Mexico City Policy is a good step to stop surgical abortions. But it does not stop population control measures, including contraception and immoral sex education. The contraceptive mindset is a population control mindset always leading to abortion.

The Mexico City Policy does not stop the powerful U.S. pro-abortion foundations from exporting abortion throughout the world and it is powerless to criminalize their murderous, criminal activities.

The Trump administration, following basically the infamous NSSM 200, will keep funding contraception and sex education programs around the world, including AIDS assistance, which funds homosexual groups. No nation in the world advocates and exports more the contraceptive culture, which is anti-family, than the U.S. does.

The State Department under Trump is announcing its expansive, even though contraceptive, Mexico City Policy under the title “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance.”

Under secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Obama administration, the State Department advocated abortion, homosexuality and neocon wars. Hillary was the main responsible for provoking the civil war in Syria.

With Trump, what will change in the State Department?

There will be no abortion advocacy, at least not surgical abortions. Micro-abortions provoked by contraception are not covered by the Trump policy.

Will homosexuality be a part of the Trump State Department as it was in the Obama administration? Apparently so, because the Trump administration has kept the special ambassador for global homosexual issues appointed by Obama.

A “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance” policy in the State Department that is waging a war in Syria, initiated by Hillary Clinton, is a very strange example of being “pro-life.”

If the Trump administration is serious about being pro-life, it should discontinue Obama’s homosexual imperialism and U.S. interventions initiated by Hillary in Syria.

To be pro-life is much more than stopping surgical abortions. It is also about stopping the homosexual agenda and the neocon agenda of unending wars.

When neocons seduce a U.S. president to meddle in a nation, the result is a trail of destruction and death: Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and now Syria.

Abortion kills babies. Neocons kill nations.

It is impossible for Trump to be pro-life and keep feeding Hillary’s neocon war in Syria, where Christians are suffering genocide in the hands of ISIS, created by Hillary and supported by Saudi Arabia.

With information from LifeNews.

Portuguese version of this article: Presidente Donald Trump expande sua política pró-vida contra abortos cirúrgicos, mas não contra a contracepção, a educação sexual imoral e a agenda gay


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