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Islamic immigration to Brazil

Does New Immigration Law Open Brazil’s Borders to Islamic Invasion and Drug Trafficking?


Brazilian conservatives are expressing worry that Brazil is facing the threat of Islamization with its New Law of Immigration, approved by the Brazilian Senate and sent for presidential signing. This law follows the deterioration of the political landscape of Brazil with its endemic corruption.

During an Islamic conference in Chicago in 2008, an Imam described how Brazil would become an Islamic nation within 50 years. Even though the U.S. and especially Europe are facing a massive influx Muslims and their destructive religion, why would Brazil be of interest for Muslims?

In 2014 Turkey held an Islamic summit attended by 76 Islamic leaders from 40 countries. Latin America was represented by Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Suriname, Uruguay, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Ecuador, Jamaica and Haiti. Turkey is the only Islamic nation in the NATO and a U.S. ally that is, as reported by WND, “perhaps the biggest al-Qaida base in the world.”

In the summit, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Islamic sailors found the New World in 1178. He said, “Muslims discovered America in 1178, not Christopher Columbus.”

He and other Islamic leaders want Latin America.

Brazil has been of interest because it is larger than the U.S. without Alaska and it is the powerhouse of South America not just due to its size but also due to the size of its economy and influence. It is said that where Brazil goes so goes South America.  Indeed.

Brazil’s contact with Islamic radicalism is not new.

During the military rule, Brazil opened the first diplomatic office of PLO, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, an Islamic terrorist organization, in 1979. Besides, the military administration was a prominent seller of arms to Islamic nations in the Middle East.

In the past decade, the socialist Lula administration helped fund the Palestinian Authority.

More recently, the mayor of São Paulo, João Doria, a Social Democrat, sold municipal assets under the excuse that he wants to improve services. Where did he go to advertise them? To the Gulf countries. He is a strong presidential candidate for the elections next year.

The prospects are not good, but the Brazilian bad example has not been worse than the American bad example. Under President Donald Trump, the U.S. government has increased its funding of the Palestinian Authority and CIA has rewarded Saudi Arabia, the main sponsor of the global Islamic terrorism, for “fighting terrorism.”

If where Brazil goes, so goes South America, where America goes, so goes Brazil.

Most of the Left in Brazil is anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and Pro-Palestinian. Add to the equation the fact that the Brazilian Left loves the U.S. Left’s infatuation with Islam. Because Brazil is the largest Catholic nation in the world, add also the inherent and historic animosity of the Catholic customs and traditions against Jews and Israel, and you have a perfect receipt for left-wingers to open the Brazilian doors to Muslims.

Since the late 1990s Saudi Arabia has been supporting the building of mosques and madrassas in Brazil, even though the number of Muslims remains small (official records mention fewer than 100,000 whereas Islamic leaders mention two million).

Saudi Arabia is the main Islamic ally of the United States in the Middle East, and this alliance has facilitated the Saudi expansion of a radical form of Islam, including in Brazil.

There has been an increase in the number of visits by Islamic leaders to government officials at municipal, state and federal levels in Brazil. There has also been increasing activity involving public safety, including the arrest of several Muslims accused of terror plots.

But Islam has not made an impact on the local population as its leaders would like. The only way for a faster growth is by fostering Muslim immigration to Brazil. There has been a concerted effort linking government officials, NGOs (including U.S. groups as the Ford Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, etc.), Christian groups and Islamic leaders to open the doors for more immigrants and refugees. All of them have supported the New Law of Immigration, which has been criticized by Brazilian conservatives.

Why would Christian groups have an interest in Islamic immigration?

Catholic writer Cliff Kincaid said, “According to their financial statement for 2014, the latest year for which figures are available, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops received over $79 million in government grants to provide benefits to refugees.”

He added that the U.S. government gave more than $1.5 billion to several other Catholic organizations over the past two years.

So Christian groups, especially the Catholic Church, are paid millions in dollars to facilitate invasion of Islamic immigrants in the U.S.

Would Christian groups in Brazil have different interests and profits?

In Brazil, among Catholics, the most prominent institution defending the New Law of Immigration is the traditionally left-wing powerful Catholic National Conference of Bishops of Brazil. Among Protestants, ANAJURE has issued a public manifesto defending the new law.

ANAJURE’s manifesto has no mention of Christians or Christianity and, considering that its director, Uziel Santana, visited a mosque for a meeting with Islamic leaders and a partnership with Muslim groups, what is the interest in its advocacy of the New Law of Immigration?

Yet, VINACC, which was instrumental in the foundation of ANAJURE, has strongly criticized the new law.

Senator Aloysio Nunes, himself a former communist guerrilla fighter, now Minister of Foreign Affairs, is the author of the New Law of Immigration that, among other things, open Brazil’s borders.

This law, in practical terms, leaves Brazilian migration policy in the hands of international organizations, especially the United Nations, without limiting the number of immigrants coming to Brazil. As the Minister of Justice said: There may be one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand per year, everyone is welcome. It turns out that Brazil cannot provide for its people, with tens of millions living in poverty. How can it provide for “one hundred thousand refugees per year”?

Brazil is facing confrontations of the worst kind. A crisis of confidence, a moral crisis, an economic crisis, unemployment with tens of millions of unemployed people, an overloading of social security, a serious crisis in its public health system, and an excessive tax burden that hampers economic prosperity. There are 60,000 murders per year, 38,000 rapes, and 7.6 million illegal weapons crossing Brazilian borders, and an undisputed level of power for organized crime and drug traffickers.

Considering that the European Union has already expressed its interest in relocating Muslim refugees outside of Europe, is Brazil in danger of becoming the Islamic sewer of the European Union?

Will the New Law of Immigration facilitate the Islamic ambitions of Saudi Arabia and Turkey?

With information from Israel, Islam and End Times.

Portuguese version of this article: Nova Lei de Migração abre fronteiras do Brasil para a invasão islâmica e tráfico de drogas?


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