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House Republicans Back Pact to Gut Obamacare and Defund Abortion Giant


Former President Obama isn’t having the best day. First, Donald Trump took aim at his longstanding fight against faith with an executive order on religious liberty. Then, after more than 50 tries, House Republicans came one step closer to finishing a job they started seven years ago: defunding Planned Parenthood and replacing his miserable excuse for a health care policy. In what may soon be their single greatest accomplishment since wrestling control away from Democrats, Republicans in the House finally paid back voters who sent them to Washington with one goal in mind: replacing Obamacare.

By a 217-213 vote, the House advanced the mission the Americans elected them for — defunding the nation’s biggest abortion group and gutting an unsustainable and unconscionable law. Despite almost three months of drama, the GOP managed to pull together a coalition that put the American Health Care Act (AHCA) over the top, fulfilling a major pledge the president’s party has campaigned on since 2010. FRC, who worked with the House Freedom Caucus to smooth out the bill’s rough edges, was as thrilled as voters that the final product isn’t just pro-life, but pro-family. After taking a bite out of Americans’ wallets for years, House leaders have struck a compromise that lowers premiums, boosts freedom, and protects taxpayers and the unborn.

Today’s win was a long time coming for pro-lifers, who watched with revulsion every David Daleiden video detailing the horrors of Cecile Richards’s group. For once, the moral injustice done to taxpayers has a voice: Congress’s. There was the usual phony panic from Planned Parenthood, which insisted that if Congress didn’t send them their usual half-billion taxpayer dollars, women’s health care would cease to exist. (What they didn’t mention is that the money would be redirected to thousands of local health clinics — which, incidentally, haven’t been referred for criminal prosecution.) Not surprisingly, they’ve called the effort to defund their organization a “national scandal.” But honestly, the only real scandal is that America has been funding the group as long as it has!

Let’s hope the Senate follows quickly in the House’s footsteps and sends the AHCA to the desk of the pro-life president we’ve been waiting for. It’s time for Donald Trump to make history and bring our nation closer to the day when all human life is protected under law.


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