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Trump Address to Congress Feb 28_2017

President Trump Celebrates His 100th Day in Office With a Rally

President Donald Trump will mark his 100th day in office with a campaign rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Saturday, despite saying he regards the milestone as unimportant.

“It’s a false standard — 100 days — but I have to tell you I don’t think anybody has done what we’ve been able to do in 100 days so we’re very happy,” Trump said in the Oval Office on Friday.

“In just 14 weeks, my administration has brought profound change to Washington,” he said in a weekly radio and internet announcement.

Trump has met with 15 world leaders, signed 28 bills and resolutions, withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and signed at least 30 executive orders, the most of any president has in his first 100 days since World War II.

“From the first day of my administration, I have governed by a simple idea: My only allegiance is to you, our wonderful citizens,” Trump said.

“Together, we are seeing that great achievements are possible when we put American People first. That is why I withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” he added. “That day was a turning point for our nation. It put the countries of this world on notice that the sellout of the American worker was over.”

The unconventional president continues to buck tradition as he skips the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday evening.

He announced last week via Twitter that he would hold a “BIG rally” in Pennsylvania instead.

He traveled there late Friday evening with plans to sign a 31st and 32nd executive order, including one that would direct the Commerce Department and the U.S. trade representative to conduct a study of U.S. trade agreements, the Associated Press reports.

Meanwhile, protestors plan to hold an opposition rally and march in the city.

Report via CBN News


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