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The Danger of Redefining Motherhood

By Denise Shick – BarbWire guest contributor

Motherhood is a blessing. As painful as labor can be, the pain is quickly forgotten when a mother looks into her precious baby’s eyes. As the kicking and moving of the baby becomes more noticeable, every woman realizes a little person truly lives inside her womb. Nourished through the mother’s body, the baby grows one day at a time in preparation of his or her birth.

Throughout history, being a mom typically signified that a person had the reproductive organs necessary to give birth. Conception occurred when a man’s sperm met a woman’s egg and a new life began to grow within the mother. Adoption, of course, is another means of becoming a mom. Either way, the path to motherhood is pretty basic.

Today, however, our culture is creating chaos by redefining motherhood. A man who dresses as a woman and appears to be one can claim to be a mom. But it simply isn’t possible for a man to be a mom. Sure, he can want to be a mother. But science speaks more powerfully. It presents the evidence required for someone to be a woman, let alone to be called a woman when the “plumbing” isn’t there. A male is needed and actually required to create a baby, but the woman’s reproductive organs give the baby life and nourishment during pregnancy.

Even the transgender world acknowledges these facts. For example, MacDonald (f-to-m) never had a hysterectomy. “Pregnancy never felt gendered to MacDonald. … Though living as a man, MacDonald was being called a ‘mom’ and ‘she.’ Yet MacDonald worried that breastfeeding would feel more gendered.” The point is, MacDonald could breastfeed because of nature taking its course—MacDonald had been born with female reproductive organs and the ability to lactate.

Recently, the Dove corporation has received attention because of its latest advertising campaign featuring young mothers. Wanting to use a variety of mothers, the company brought in Shea, who identifies as a mother. Shea states, “You get people who are like, ‘What do you mean you’re the mom?’” I’m not sure what Shea expects; certainly people are confused. Frankly, Shea isn’t the mom. Shea was able to plant the seed, but the rest of the pregnancy was up to the female partner who carried the son to term, labored, and gave birth.

If we take our attention off the folks who identify as mothers under these conditions, we can focus on the children who should receive the attention. They are growing up in untraditional homes, to say the least. No one seems to be talking about the harm they may suffer as they live in the chaotic environment of such delusional behavior. Worse yet, what will happen to these children who grow up in homes that rebel against the Creator himself – in homes where they’re taught that reality is what they choose it to be?

Wake up, folks! This controversy is not about ensuring that no one feels wronged; it’s about how this false reality will impact society, families, and children—especially the children. When a society approves and celebrates this type of lifestyle, the devastating payback will affect future generations.

May God give us wisdom to live in truth even as the transgender movement attempts to alter what it means to be a woman and a mother.

Denise Shick is the author of My Daddy’s Secret and Understanding Gender Confusion: A Faith Based Perspective.


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