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Conservatism, Tradition, and Christendom

J. Davila Ashcraft

Like many people, I have grown discontent and disillusioned with what passes for conservatism today. So-called “conservative” politicians in our government cannot seem to agree on the direction our country should be moving or what is best for the future of the nation. While they bicker, play political games with the perceived opposition, and generally ignore the mandate given them by the voters, the condition of our economy continues to circle the drain, our country continues to be infiltrated by hostile political forces under the guise of religion, our schools are a pathetic cesspool of immorality and Leftist propaganda, and the populace suffers from a general political fatigue-no longer trusting any candidate or politician to actually do what he or she promises.

What are these conservatives actually conserving? Is it 80s Reagan era economics? Is it “the Constitution” as they personally interpret it? What are these politicians we vote for over and over again really attempting to conserve? From the perspective of someone who is a true conservative, it appears they are simply conserving (or attempting lamely to return to) the liberalism of the past, whether that be of the 1980s, 1990s, or of the late 1700s. We do not need a return to such failed expressions of American liberalism, as it is these very policies that led us to where we are today. What we need is something far deeper and far greater.

American conservatism lacks something the Left possesses in surplus. That is, cohesive principles that transcend time. The Left is very much grounded in the principles of Cultural Marxism, and those principles have been pursued unflinchingly since the Bolshevik Revolution. The methodology by which these principles are advanced changes depending on time, place and circumstance, but the principles themselves never change and they bind the Leftists together such that they are a political force to be reckoned with.

Meanwhile conservative politicians flail about, promising their constituents that they will surely achieve the goals set for them the next time around. And when the next time around comes along, they repeat the same thing, sure that the voter has no other choice but to hope this time will be different. They defend themselves by pointing out things are “harder than I thought”, or that the opposition is just too influential or powerful to overcome in this current House or Senate, even when they hold superior numbers. And yet, the Leftists have no such problems.

Let’s face the reality here: main stream conservatism has failed. We need an alternative that is based on cohesive, transcendent principles, and which possesses a history of success that we can point to and people can rally around. This alternative will of necessity view Modernity and Cultural Marxism as enemies to be eradicated, and not ideas that are somehow just as valid and deserving of a platform. Not all ideas are equal, and not all ideas are healthy. Some must be opposed and removed from the bloodstream of a healthy organic society. As Pope Pius X wrote:

“Further, whilst Jesus was kind to sinners and to those who went astray, He did not respect their false ideas, however sincere they might have appeared.”

Modernity is the first enemy of this alternative movement. Our socio-political alternative must look to those traditions of our past culture that made our nation strong, that contributed to the spiritual and temporal health of its people, and established faith, morality, virtue and ethics as the traditional foundations of our society. Modernity demands the destruction of all that is traditional, as these traditions only serve as reminders of our national identity and what made our culture and nation great. Modernity fights tradition precisely because without tradition, a nation begins to deteriorate, having no foundation for its identity. Thus art, architecture, music, clothing, marriage, the unborn, entertainments, and a host of other traditions are laughed at, mocked, ridiculed, and finally destroyed. The church, which was once the vanguard of Western social and political values, is regarded as an antiquity, a worthless institution outside social programs that contribute to the Leftist cause. Like all other traditions, faith is undermined by advancing the religion of Organized Naturalism, and propagandizing college students with the idea that belief in God is archaic and ignorant. This leaves the door open to Cultural Marxism. Our alternative to conservatism must oppose Modernity by advancing tradition in all these areas, by demanding its members get back into the church pews, live their faith, and financially support the church, and by loudly and demonstrably opposing the forces that seek to undermine them. The answer to Modernity must be Tradition!

The second enemy is Cultural Marxism. Once a nation has imbibed Modernity and its lies, Cultural Marxism moves in to fill the void where a people’s traditions and faith once were. With that vanguard gone, people begin to look for something to believe in, something to give them identity and meaning again. Cultural Marxism is a progressive thought disease, and appeals to the basest of human desire (Inherited Depravity), encouraging people to indulge those disordered desires and curiosities. We can see the progression from the Flappers of the 1920s, who encouraged women to smoke, use foul language, and engage in sexual promiscuity, to the Hippie Movement of the 1960s, which encouraged sex, drugs, false religions, and a full blown Marxist worldview. Those former hippies are now the politicians and college professors of today, and are passing on the Cultural Marxist poison to new generations, who now have taken the next step in the progressive disease to redefine marriage, deny biological gender, deny racial or ethnic identity (transracialism), deny the humanity of the unborn, and who-unlike their hippie precursors-seek to end freedom of speech through the terrorist Antifa movement. Our alternative movement must respond with the eternal truths of the Christian faith. It was these universal principles, gleaned from Sacred Scripture, that once made the cultures and governments of Western Europe and the United States the greatest in human history. The advancements in the sciences, arts, philosophy, and medicine to emerge from these cultures set the pattern for all future developments of value to not only these specific cultures, but the entire world. Such principles establish the truth about biology, gender identity, humanity, and provide a worldview that recognizes God as the supreme arbiter of what is healthy for a nation. These universal principles transcend time, place and circumstance, and provide the strongest and most sure basis for any future national survival, not to mention will act as an antidote to the poison coursing through the cultural body of the West today. The antidote to Cultural Marxism must be Christendom!

Until we, who self identify as conservatives, commit ourselves to breaking with the failed policies, procedures and political games of the current motley crew pulling the strings of power, we will be very unlikely to see or affect any meaningful change. We must face the reality that a new movement is necessary, and is perhaps even providential at this point in Western history. Anything less is an exercise in futility, and a slow descent to a very dismal future.


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