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History of Faith in Foxholes: A Century of Chaplains


There’s been a lot of talk about 100 days lately — but what about 100 years? That’s what the chaplaincy of the U.S. military is celebrating this month, CBN reports. When the U.S. entered World War I, the former U.S. Army Chief of Chaplains points out, there weren’t even 150 chaplains in the ranks. By the end of the war with Germany, that number climbed to 2,300.

After a century of caring for our brave men and women, today’s chaplains aren’t ministering in the attack – they are being attacked. The eight years of President Obama’s anti-faith policies wreaked havoc on our military, and its spiritual leaders in particular. In fact, those victims — people like Chaplain Wes Modder, who was framed for punishment by an LGBT activist — are some of the most compelling reasons for the need of an executive order on religious liberty. The “personal ministry, pastoral care, and training resources” of our chaplains, not to mention the troops’ own ability to exercise the freedom they’re defending, all hang in the balance in the Left’s war on the First Amendment.

Fortunately, I feel confident the Trump administration recognizes the threat to our military, business community, students, and everyday Americans. As FRC’s own Ken Blackwell, who served on the Trump transition team, has said repeatedly it’s not a matter of “if” the administration will protect religious liberty, but “when.” Leonard Leo, a White House advisor confirmed that, saying as recently as this week that, “The administration is not stepping back. It’s doing precisely what it should be doing here… because of the way people are attacking Trump executive orders, it’s very important that this thing gets done right and be as litigation-proof as possible, knowing full well they’re going to get sued anyway.”

Rest assured that FRC will keep driving home the importance of our First Freedom with events like next Tuesday’s special program, “Free to Believe: Religious Liberty in the Land of Free.” Together with people like Chaplain Modder, we’ll profile real people whose freedom to believe has been affected in real ways. We’ll discuss the need for positive protections for religious freedom, and steps that can be taken to secure religious liberty for all Americans. Don’t miss the webcast! For more information, check the website.


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