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Why Is Right Wing Watch, of People for the American Way, Worried about Julio Severo?


Right Wing Watch, a major American socialist group, has for several years and several times focused on my articles published by the conservative website BarbWire, and it has “exposed” them to its U.S. left-wing audience for politically incorrect views.

Its latest focus was on my BarbWire article “VP Pence Praises Indonesia’s Islamic Culture, Tours Mosque with His Shoes Off.” Right Wing Watch said on April 25, 2017:

Finally, Julio Severo is outraged that Vice President Pence took off his shoes while visiting a mosque in Indonesia: “You can take off your shoes where God is. But to take off your shoes in a place where God is offended is an insult to God. A Christian should never take off his shoes in a place where Islam is worshiped.”

Why does Right Wing Watch want to defend Pence, who is a conservative evangelical, in his non-conservative attitudes involving Islam? Specifically, why does this powerful left-wing group want to defend Pence from a Brazilian conservative evangelical?

Right Wing Watch exposed, at the same time, David Horowitz and Larry Klayman just for expressing conservative views hated by the U.S. left.

Other prominent conservative leaders frequently attacked by Right Wing Watch are: Scott Lively, Pat Robertson, Peter LaBarbera, Tony Perkins, Matt Barber, Linda Harvey, Bill Federer, Michael Savage, Alex Jones, Joseph Farah, Jerry Falwell Jr., Jane Chastain, Erik Rush, Bryan Fischer, Michele Bachmann, James Dobson, Dinesh D’Souza, Family Research Council, Barbara Simpson, Mat Staver, Cindy Jacobs, Lou Engle, Lance Wallnau, Rick Joyner and many others.

What does Right Wing Watch, which is owned by People for the American Way, want?

According to WND, People for the American Way (PFAW) is “an atheist socialist organization which, through publications like its ‘Right Wing Watch,’ dedicates itself to the destruction of conservatives in general.”

According to its website, Right Wing Watch has a special mission to attack conservatives opposed to the gay agenda, abortion and Muslim ideology.

This is not the first time Right Wing Watch exposed my article to its American left-wing audience. Last January, Right Wing Watch said:

Julio Severo asserts that Obama’s state department fomented “culture war on behalf of the homosexual agenda” all over the world that was carried out by that “pro-sodomy neocon,” Hillary Clinton.

Last October Right Wing Watch said:

Julio Severo proclaims that “neocon Hillary and her Catholic vice want to purge America from real Christian conservatives …The real Founding Fathers of America, including the first American president George Washington, were white, Protestant and conservative. They were not pro-abortion, pro-sodomy and neocon. They would never support neocon Hillary.”

In that same month, Right Wing Watch said:

Matt Barber’s BarbWire website posted a story on Monday by frequent contributor Julio Severo, who was alarmed by a “bisexual community briefing” at the White House last month and, in particular, the speech of a self-described bisexual Sioux man who began his presentation by calling on “the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka, to guide our words and thoughts so that we can speak true and strong.”

In a column titled “Bisexual Indian Invokes Demons At White House,” Severo wrote that the man had invoked “homosexual spirits,” thereby infesting the White House with demons that can only be expelled by “people who know and use the authority of Jesus’ name.”

“A homosexual culture is a culture of demon possession,” he wrote. “Has the White House turned into a haunt of demons?”

The prominent atheistic website Patheos also criticized my Christian view on demons. They do not believe in any God and demon activity in this world. In an article titled “The White House Must Be Exorcised Of Bisexual Native American Demons, Says Christian Writer,” Patheos said, “Severo described the spirits/gay demons as being ‘invisible, lethal and destructive’ — which is fascinating given that, as far as anyone knows, no one has ever actually been murdered by one…”

The Patheos article generated 110 comments from raging atheists against Severo.

In another post this month, Right Wing Watch said: “Julio Severo warns that if ‘Hillary is elected, everyone in the United States and around the world will pay a high cost for her aggressive abortion and sodomy agenda.’”

They also “exposed” in September 28, 2015:

Finally, Julio Severo is not happy with the nomination of Eric Fanning to serve as Secretary of the Army: “I am sure that in Obama’s and Fanning’s case, the Father of America would approve sentence on them and he would treat, with abhorrence and detestation, their sodomy and sodomy advocacy as an infamous crime. In the least, Obama would be expelled from the U.S. presidency and Fanning would be expelled from Army, both with dishonor, never to return. Both have committed treason against the Father of America.”

They also “exposed” me in June 30, 2015:

Julio Severo warns that “homosexuality brought destruction to Sodom, and it will bring destruction to any city or superpower embracing it. A remnant of Christians faithful to God should warn about the danger of sodomy and support efforts to protect children and their families from it.”

In June 18, 2015, Right Wing Watch again “exposed” me by saying:

Finally, Julio Severo wants to see Scott Lively appointed “as a U.S. Special Envoy for the Human Rights of Children and their Protection against the LGBT Agenda.”

Again, Right Wing Watch read my politically incorrect view on Barbwire.

Why has Right Wing Watch focused on my articles?

What do they intend to do?

In 2011, WND had reported on surveillance by the Homeland Security Department against my blog. What did they intend to do?

In the same year, WND reported in a headline on PayPal cutting my account after a campaign by a U.S. homosexual organization.

Why is Goliath (Right Wing Watch, Homeland Security Department, etc.) monitoring and worried about a small David?

Portuguese version of this article: Por que o Observatório da Direita, da entidade esquerdista americana People for the American Way, está preocupado com Julio Severo?


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