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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

From Your Northern Neighbours: Justin Trudeau Does Not Speak for Western Canada


The Canadian anthem declares Canada as being the True-north, strong and free. But the reality of it is, that under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s nap in office, Canucks can no longer truthfully claim to be strong and free. True North, maybe, but only till Russia decides to stop playing border games in the Arctic and just outright declares the frozen wasteland theirs (a story for another time).

As much of Eastern Canada continues to drink the Kool-Aid, Western Canadians identify Trudeau’s strategy to mold Canada into a Marxist poster child.

Without a doubt JT will go down in the books as possibly the most irresponsible Canadian elected Prime Minister ever. His actions resemble those as the little rich kid with a new toy. He’s playing with Canada without concern for it’s longevity. In the first sixteen months in office alone, his Liberal Government spent the same amount that the previously ruling Conservative party spent in two four year terms.

Judging by Trudeau’s frivolous dispersion of money (that Canada really doesn’t have), he’s obviously been grabbing advice from one of Jesus’ parables. In “Luke 16” is a parable of a servant who is about to get fired. When he comes to this conclusion, he goes to all of the people that owe his boss money and cuts their bills in half, therefore assuring his newly unemployed self, favours down the road from these people. Similarly, Canadians could write their own parable staring JT as the soon to be fired employee, and these other bill payers are other nations around the world receiving millions from Canada despite a recession in the unfairly taxed Western provinces. JT is throwing cash around the globe like penicillin at a college campus clinic.

Justin is pulling out all the stops.

Judging by the ludicrous reasons by voting Canadian’s, for electing the “trust-fund child” of Canada’s other infamous finger flipping Prime Minister (Pierre Elliot Trudeau), we may see this playboy squeeze out another term, once done his first. Reasons such as his “great hair”and his riding on Pride parade floats helped get Trudeau elected. He responded with thanks by lowering the legal age of sodomy for boys down to sixteen years old (I’m not kidding).

It is becoming increasingly clear that Justin’s plan for Canada goes as such:

  1. Destroy the border
  2. Destroy Christianity
  3. Destroy the West
  4. Make Islam the major religion
  5. Take as many vacations on the taxpayers buck as he can ($127,000 for his Christmas vacation with $1700 alone spent on in-flight snacks).
  6. Party with celebrities till his eyeballs roll back into his skull (Wait! This reminds me of someone else…)

In fact things have gotten so ridiculous that Trudeau tried to have introduced a policy in which he would have to show up in Question Period only one time per week. Of course the two opposition parties (though night and day in policies) “gasped” in disbelief, leading one leader to declare that Canada could rightly replace Justin Trudeau with a cardboard cut-out!

Obviously Trudeau has more partying to do!

Trudeau has specifically targeted Western Canada. Western Canada has always possessed a little brother status when compared to Central Canada. The West has paid equalization payments to the east for years for their prosperity in the oil industry. 8.6 billion dollars is given to Quebec yearly for it’s “Special Status” (an atrocity in itself). For the bulk of it, this 8.6 billion has been gleaned from Alberta tax moneys. Trudeau and his aggressive (and ludicrous) “environmentalism” has repeatedly attempted to flattened Alberta’s Oil Industry, taking tens of thousands of jobs from Albertans (not to mention his new “Carbon Tax”).

Admittedly, in an interview (before weaseling his way into office by way of his great hair), Trudeau was recorded on French Television declaring his hate for Alberta and his belief that the only Prime Minister to have, is a French Prime Minister (and therefore an Eastern Prime Minister). The difference between now and then (besides the cheesy little pencil moustache he shamed) is obviously that now he has the power to enforce his hate. His hate for Alberta, and his hate for Christians (though professing to be RC).

But why should this bother Americans? I mean, so what?

After all, the USA just survived Barry and was threatened with yet another Clinton, ten times as bad as the first (and two times as manly).

The reason, dear brother Yankee Doodle, is none other than number one, two and five (1, 2 and 5) listed above. One, two and five can turn allies into enemies.

Canada’s new Prime Minister is even to the point of granting passports back to terrorists from abroad who once lived in Canada.

Syrians (with a percentage of nearly half possessing criminal records for much, much worse than say, public drunkenness) have decided to tell Canadians how they will come into Canada. We’re talking about the hundreds, if not by now, thousands of Syrians walking across the Manitoba border; being arrested on the spot, and then being fast tracked into a refugee program.

This in itself is maddening for those who have chosen to do things legally to live in Canada. Some, waiting to get into Canada for years; having to wait nervously, even though being married to Canadian citizens.

Of course, now with the Islamophobia laws developing (charging those slandering Islam), all the Muslims have to do is cry “ISLAMIPHOBIA!!!” when running up against anything they don’t agree with and the Police come running.

My kids did a summer city day camp this last summer. My oldest, complained almost every day about an Islamic kid, who, when ISIS was on the bad end of a game of Cops and Robbers, cried out with a loud voice, “You are making fun of my religion!!!” Obviously coached by those at his home and mosque, he knew just what to say and how loud to say it. Of course all the boys stopped and looked at him like he’d fallen out of the tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Of course my boy, asked him if he supported ISIS killing and raping. After which the young lad cried out with yet even more fervour “YOU ARE MAKING FUN OF MY RELIGION!!!”

As can be expected, short-sighted, wide-eyed ‘Britney Spears-ish’ camp directors came running as though someone had set off a nuclear device at the swings! Looking for an excuse to exercise Kardashian inspired left-leaning political justice, a complaint was lodged about my boy, which led to me going down to the town office, which led to blushes, blank stares and open mouths as I asked if they too supported ISIS?

I’m pretty sure that little Mehmed was henceforth shielded from the possibility of being “offended” again, by a group of supervising Britneys. I was left trying to explain to my son why he was reported for speaking out against a group of Muslims who decapitate and set fire to Christian children in the Middle East.

But, this was actually a mild reaction in Canada. We’re a little more rural. In a large centre say, like Toronto (where there are an estimated 50,000-60,000 illegal, undocumented Muslims living), Ottawa or Vancouver, my son may have found himself in a foster home or juvenile detention centre.

You see, JT’s overwhelming protection of Islam remains a mystery. Like I mentioned, he claims to have a strong Roman Catholic faith. Some say it comes from his wife, journalist Sophie Gregoire Trudeau; some say he’s copying Barack Obama and all his past nonsense.

Nonetheless, Islam has become Trudeau’s religion of choice, and it looks as if he has taken an oath to elevate and protect it.

Of course the elephant in the room remains, how can Trudeau introduce such aggressive protection for a religion that is responsible for literally thousands of attacks over the last 1400 years, and not push legislation for Christians, who are by far the most persecuted religious group on the planet?

Yet, it’s really no use even asking Trudeau why, like his opponents in Question Period (Parliament) can attest, he won’t answer your questions anyways. It seems he has list of responses written on the back of his hand, designed to avoid any question whatsoever. It’s frustrating to watch on TV, I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for those questioning him in person.

We know from the bible that God is He who places Kings. 99 out of 100 times He chooses to do so through the people. We know that God also removes Kings, and again, 99 out of 100 times He chooses to do so through the people. But until Canada warms to the Will of God, and chooses a leader based on godly values, not on “how cool the guy is”, we will continually be under those x-part time drama teachers who spend like men with only one day left to live (or the economy becomes so bad that Canadians cannot afford beer anymore). Either of the two will encourage political change.

This is not just a-matter-o-fact article, it is a warning to you America. We Canadians, especially us Western Canadians, see the writing on the wall. Its amazing how an empty fridge clears up one’s political eyesight.

We know that our weak borders are a security threat to us and you. As a matter of fact, the Western Canadian Separatist Movement is skyrocketing in membership numbers and one of the reasons is the lack of border control here in Canada. We see that the way Trudeau is making Canadians look and we want you to know, that though he seems to speak for all Canadians, he without a doubt, does not speak for us here in the West.


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