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Kentucky Goes to the Matt for Religious Liberty


While the Left is trying to shove faith out the school door, at least one state is hanging a shingle that says: Christians welcome here! After declaring 2017 the Year of the Bible, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin (R) went on to prove it, signing two bills into law that give the state the right to teach elective classes on God’s Word. Among other things, the state’s Department of Education was ordered to draft policies that show Kentucky’s hospitality to optional Bible classes.

It’s high time, State Senator C.B. Embry (R) said, for children to have a better understanding of the Bible. “I don’t think there’s another document in the history of our culture that has had more impact on our culture, our society, or our values than the Bible,” he told reporters. Even the state’s Democrats agree. Senator Robin Webb (D) cheered the law, saying, “This gives some level of protection to the districts that do this, because it will provide a framework to pass constitutional muster and scrutiny, and requires the Kentucky Department of Education to conform to federal law.”

A month earlier, Bevin also made it clear that his administration wouldn’t tolerate the religious censorship that’s become so common on college campuses. As part of his pro-First Amendment flurry of activity, he inked his name to a measure that insists students “can express religious and political viewpoints in public schools and on college campuses without interference from administrators.” It would be tough to find someone who’s done more for the freedom of belief in such a short amount of time than Governor Bevin. We’re deeply grateful for the example he’s been to other leaders on the issue. One thing’s for certain: religious liberty has a friend in Kentucky!

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