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UAA Trump painting

Decapitating Trump Is ‘Art.’ Who Will Pay Me to Reciprocate?


KTUU in Anchorage, Alaska reported on April 18 that the University of Alaska Anchorage is displaying a painting that features Donald Trump’s decapitated head. Conservatives are outraged at this. Yet an even better response would be to reciprocate in kind. So who is ready to pay me to do so?

According to KTUU, Assistant Professor of Painting Thomas Chung created the artwork. It features Captain America actor Chris Evans’s head on a nude body holding up Trump’s head while a pant-suited Hillary Clinton clings to his (Evans’s) leg. It’s graphic, but if you want to view the painting, you can courtesy of a link provided by KTUU.

As I mentioned, conservatives are outraged with it (even as the university is apparently defending it). Okay. Fine. But haven’t conservatives learned a thing? How many decades has this stuff been going on? And what happens when conservatives whine? Progressives feed off it. So complaints don’t do a thing.

Therefore, apart from ignoring the painting, the only other meaningful thing to do about it is fight back. And there are two ways to fight back: by criticizing the painting from the left and by reciprocating in kind.

Criticizing the painting from the left means to call the painting “misogynistic”—an example of the patriarchy subjugating women. After all, why isn’t it Hillary Clinton holding up Trump’s head while a pant-suited Chris Evans clings to her leg? Hmmmmm?

That would set off progressives into eating themselves if enough people noted it. And it would cost nothing. But it wouldn’t stop the long-term problem of progressives attacking through art.

Reciprocating in kind, on the other hand, would mean creating art that attacks one of the many gods of progressives. And this would be quite effective. They want to attack? Then counterattack even harder.

I’m willing to be the one to reciprocate, but only if someone pays me to do it. There are several reasons for this requirement, with time and effort being two of the main reasons.

I’m not the greatest artist—not a professional one. But as you can see from sample artwork, I can produce something that people would be able to understand. In particular, progressives would be able to understand that whenever they start a war someone is going to fight back instead of just complaining.

I don’t expect anyone to commission such art from me. Conservatives seem much more invested in the whining industry—raising money off complaining and being victims—than fighting back and winning.

Still, my idea is a strong one. So if someone has the desire to reciprocate, go ahead and contact me about it. Better yet, if someone with the right connections and motivation really wanted to send a strong response, he could figure out a way to get the NEA to fund my reciprocation.

Not only would that really sting progressives, but their outrage over having the U.S. government pay for my art would go a longer way towards actually eliminating the NEA than anything anyone has ever done towards that goal.

So be angry about the decapitated Trump artwork if you like. But progressives have been doing this stuff for decades and laughing about it the whole time. Reciprocating against them and their target-rich environment is the only way to stop them. I’m willing to start that effort. But someone actually has to pay me to do it.


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