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America: No to FGM; Yes to ‘Sex-changing’ Children


So there was a big hubbub on social media the other day about authorities arresting a female, Islamic doctor in Michigan for allegedly performing female genital mutilation on girls. Many people expressed outraged at this. I didn’t. After all, America celebrates mutilating and abusing boys and girls through “sex-changing” them.

Conservatives pounced on the story of the arrest of the doctor in Livonia, Mich. They tweeted and published posts about it. A typical conservative reaction came from Hot Air writer Jazz Shaw who wrote, “Can someone tell me how we have ‘doctors’ removing the clitorises of 100s of prepubescent girls in America in 2017?”

All that outrage is understandable. Therefore I’m not criticizing any of it. But the problem is, for as bad as FGM is, the U.S. is doing something worse.

In other words, how is it that we have “doctors” sexually mutilating and abusing the minds and bodies of 1000s of prepubescent and postpubescent girls and boys in America in 2017 all under the demonic agenda known as transgenderism?

Every day the news floods us with stories seeking to advance the transgender wickedness. Hollywood pumps out transgender movies. The Ruling Class encourages violence against those who oppose transgenderism. Transgender madmen and madwomen run for office. Doctors advocate for hospitals and medicine to promote transgenderism.

And as always, the autotheists running the world have even weaponized children to advance this evil. So we are also bombarded with stories of how leaders across the globe are not only using children to push transgender evilness, but that they are pushing to sexually mutilate and abuse as many children as they can with it.

Perhaps the evilest story I have seen along these lines is the mom who abused her son by using him as a guinea pig before moving ahead with enacting her transgender perversions on herself. The media and Ruling Class, of course, have turned her into a hero.

So I get why people are flipping out over the Livonia FGM story. But I’m sitting out the outrage. As bad as FGM is (and it is), at least those girls aren’t entirely mutilated and can still have children. Meanwhile, the American practice of sex-changing children makes those kids freaks, sterile, and permanently disfigured (physically and spiritually) for life.

Or another way of putting it is: Why fight back against Islam and its global jihad if Western Civilization has become completely evil?


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