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Netanyahu and Putin

Russia Is the First Nation in the World to Recognize West Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital


The Jerusalem Post, one of the most prominent Israeli newspapers, said yesterday that Russia announced that it now recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

No nation in the world recognizes the Holy City as Israel’s capital. In fact, no nation in the world recognizes any part of Jerusalem as belonging to Israel. Even though many U.S. presidents have promised, in their campaigns, to make such acknowledgment, no one of them was able or wanted to fulfill their own promises.

The latest promiser, U.S. President Donald Trump, was before his inauguration very enthusiastic about moving the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. But as soon he was inaugurated his enthusiasm disappeared. Today, there is no talk in the Trump administration about such move, which could jeopardize the two-state solution, which according to the Israeli historical and political analyst Caroline Glick, has been the centerpiece of U.S. Middle East policy for decades.

According to WND (WorldNetDaily), Glick said,

“Ironically, the two-state solution is among the most irrational, unsuccessful policies the United States has ever adopted. For the past ninety years, the two-state solution has been tried more than a dozen times, and every time it has failed, abysmally. Between 1970 and 2013, the United States presented nine different peace plans for Israel and the Palestinians, all based on the two-state solution – and for the past twenty years, the two-state solution has been the centerpiece of U.S. Middle East policy.”

Left-wing and right-wing U.S. presidents have followed for decades the failed two-state solution. Conservative and liberal U.S. presidents have for decades promised to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital…

And now Russia under President Vladimir Putin went ahead the many U.S. promises about Jerusalem without, sadly, disrespecting the traditional failed two-state solution for Israel, faithfully followed by the U.S.

Even Trump’s promise, if it had been fulfilled, of moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would constitute recognizing, according to the Jerusalem Post, only west Jerusalem, without including east Jerusalem, as Israel’s capital.

The two-state solution for Israel and Jerusalem is not accepted by God and his Word, the Bible. The two-state solution, as seen and planned by the U.S. and Russia, is not what God intends.

It is a shame that the United States, the largest Protestant nation in the world, does not recognize any part of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Russia is the largest Orthodox Christian nation in the world and it is understandable that it has not the evangelical vision about Israel and Jerusalem. Brazil, the largest Catholic nation in the world, has no interest in recognizing any part of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. But the U.S., with its beautiful evangelical legacy, should do more than Russia and Brazil. It should totally reject the two-state solution and should recognize the whole (west and east) Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Sadly, Trump’s unfulfilled promise of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was applicable only to west Jerusalem. In this respect, Putin surpassed him in a great way.

The following is The Jerusalem Post report by Herb Keinon:

Russia recognizes west Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated in a surprise announcement on Thursday, obtained exclusively by The Jerusalem Post.

The announcement comes as US President Donald Trump’s administration is agonizing over whether to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a move that would constitute recognizing west Jerusalem as the country’s capital. No other country in the world recognizes any part of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry reads, “We reaffirm our commitment to the UN-approved principles for a Palestinian-Israeli settlement, which include the status of East Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state. At the same time, we must state that in this context we view West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

This is a sharp shift in Russian policy, which until now has formally held that Jerusalem should eventually be under a permanent international regime. The statement appears in English on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Russian web site.

While officials in Jerusalem interpreted this to mean that recognition of west Jerusalem as Israel’s capital will only come once east Jerusalem becomes the capital of a Palestinian state, The Jerusalem Post has learned that Moscow intends this recognition to go into effect immediately.

Russia’s ambassador to Israel will meet with Foreign Ministry officials in the coming days to discuss Moscow’s decision and its ramifications…

Portuguese version of this article: Rússia é o primeiro país do mundo a reconhecer Jerusalém ocidental como capital de Israel


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