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President Trump Nominates Dr. Mark Green to Replace Fanning as Secretary of the Army


What a difference an administration makes! The U.S. Army, whose highest civilian position has been held by an LGBT activist until this year, now has a leader with impressive pro-family credentials. Yesterday, the Trump team announced that Tennessee State Senator Mark Green will be taking over for Eric Fanning, a man whose biggest priority was encouraging politically correct regulations and “diversity trainings during his time as the Secretary of the U.S Army. In his farewell interview with CBS, he was asked, “Do you think your being gay made you want to really focus on inclusivity and diversity in the Army?” “Absolutely.” Later on, reporter Faith Salie wondered, “Do you think that your commitment to diversity in the Army will be continued in a new administration?” Fanning said he didn’t know.

The appointment of Green would suggest that the Trump administration has more important things on its mind. Green, who may be best known for as the special operations flight surgeon who cared for Saddam Hussein (and later wrote a book about it), has already been attacked by the far-Left for his conservative values — which must mean he’s doing something right! As a state senator, he backed a privacy bill similar to Texas’s SB 6 and North Carolina’s HB 2. He’s also been an outspoken proponent of religious liberty, life, and conscience rights.

Obviously, no one can undo eight years of anti-faith, anti-American lawlessness overnight, but we’re confident the Trump team is taking the job seriously. They understand, as we do, that the only way to rebuild our troops into the most elite fighting force in the world is to clear the decks of distractions like this one. “Our enemies don’t care about how well versed we are on tolerance, inclusion, diversity, or sensitivity,” FRC’s Lt. General Jerry Boykin (U.S. Army-Ret.) points out. “All they will be concerned with is whether we are capable of and willing to kill or capture them on the battlefield.”


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