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It’s Time for Conservatives to Celebrate This President


By Dennis Prager

Do conservatives — or, for that matter, non-leftists — appreciate just how terrific Donald Trump has been as president? And how lucky we are that he won the presidency?

I don’t know the answer.

What I do know is that they ought to be deeply appreciative of him, and deeply grateful to luck or Providence, and certainly to Trump himself, that he was elected president. First, it is unlikely that any other Republican would have defeated Hillary Clinton. Second, he has not only surpassed many of our expectations, he has thus far governed in a manner more consistent with conservative principles than any president since Ronald Reagan, and arguably since Calvin Coolidge.

I say this as one who vigorously opposed him during the Republican contest for the nomination. I said from the beginning, in print and on my radio show, that I would support Trump if he were the nominee, but I dreaded his becoming the nominee. His comments about John McCain as a prisoner of war, President George W. Bush lying about WMD in Iraq, the size of his hands; his lack of any history as a conservative; and the seeming absence of a filter between his brain and his phone’s Tweet app – all made it difficult for me to imagine him as a serious president of the United States.

Nevertheless, once he was nominated, I just as vigorously supported him on the simple and, I still believe, unanswerable grounds that while no one could be certain how Trump would govern, we were all certain about how Hillary Clinton would govern – as a leftist. And I truly believed that another four years of left-wing rule meant the end of America as it was founded to be.

That is why I found the arguments of the conservatives who were Never Trumpers – many of whom I work with, admire, and count as friends – not just unpersuasive but incomprehensible. That a conservative could prefer Hillary Clinton – which was the only upshot of a “Never Trump” position – to any Republican could only mean that we have an entirely different understanding of the damage the Left has done and would have done to America and the Western world if Clinton won…

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