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Abortion clinic buffer zone

Liberty Counsel Presents Oral Arguments in Pennsylvania Abortion Clinic ‘Buffer Zone’ Case

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Liberty Counsel presented oral arguments at the Federal Court of Appeals regarding the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, buffer zone. This is a buffer zone around abortion clinics that moves pro-life people, sometimes 50′ or more, maybe even up to 70′ away and prevents freedom of speech.

Mat Staver: Harry Mihet was the attorney for Liberty Counsel that ultimately presented these oral arguments. He’s Vice President of Legal Affairs for Liberty Counsel, and he presented it at the Federal Court of Appeals.

Harrisburg passed an ordinance that ultimately was designed to keep people who objected to medical procedures away from medical clinics, which included abortion clinics. Planned Parenthood is the entity that presented this proposed ordinance to the city officials — so it came out of Planned Parenthood. Purportedly it applies to all medical facilities, but it was particularly designed to apply to abortion clinics.

So we represent several individuals who have been giving peaceful information — literature, sidewalk counseling. They’re not blocking access. And as a result of these buffer zones, they can’t get anywhere near someone to have a reasonable conversation…



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