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When Donald Trump Does Something Good That Serves An Even Better Purpose Than He May Realize


I will commend Trump when he does something right. I will criticize him when he does something bad or wrong, such as the healthcare debacle. Both Trump and paul Ryan own that debacle. I hope Trump can come to the realization that the best (not perfect) but the best solution to healthcare is to let the Free (Free as in Freedom) Market take care of healthcare. But lets talk about something most recent that Trump did that was definitely a good thing…

“President Donald Trump has revoked an Obama-era executive order that banned federal contracts from being awarded to companies and nonprofit organizations that do not have elevate and emphasis same sex romantic and sexual behaviors as well as biological sex confusion”…
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The homosexual activist response is to always frame this stuff in a false victimhood/discrimination narrative. Their “whoa is me” response fits a very predictable, premeditated, and emotionally manipulative formula, and it’s like clockwork. Are we still buying into the lies and deception homosex advocates keep selling in the same victimhood passion play package that seems to manipulate emotions every time? For how much longer and for how often are we going to keep letting them deceive us and our children?


Why should their private bedroom habits be any issue that they think employers should care about, other than having the experience and skill set to do the job that people are being hired or fired for?

Are their attractions and bedroom habits a skill set needed for the job responsibilities?

They want their private bedroom habits legislated as a tool for affirmative action, thus are being granted special rights as a result of their private bedroom habits, which should be a clear indication of a mental illness.

In other words, this person may not have the experience or skill set the employers are looking for compared to other interviewees, but they better hire him or her anyway, because they are attracted to and/or have sex with the same sex. Or, this person is not doing their job or meeting the expectations of the job responsibilities, but we better not fire them (and maybe fire somebody else who is actually doing a better job), because they are attracted to and/or have sex with the same sex.

Good on Trump for getting rid of such legislative insanity and stupidity. I hope Trump understands that the positive reasons not only have to do with lifting regulation, but also has such do with removing the insane implication on businesses of such an executive order that I just spelled out for everybody here.

Anyway, I’m sure Rainbow Jihadis/the gaystapo is flipping out screaming the words, “discrimination!,” over and over and over again about this as we speak. Yep, the wolves in sheep’s clothing always default to crying wolf every time their private bedroom habits cannot be used as any kind of public opportunistic battering ram. One minute they are asking why do you care what they do in their private bedrooms while in less than the next minute they are trying to use the force of government to publicly make us all care, and you will be made to care…or else! You will be forced to care publicly about (what should be) their private bedroom habits…OR ELSE!

I found this on facebook, I thought it was appropriate…



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