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US Ambassador Says She Will Keep Beating Up on Russia


The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations says there’s no question Russia was involved in the U.S. presidential election and insists President Donald Trump would fully support strong action against Russia once investigations are complete.

Speaking in television interviews broadcast Sunday, Nikki Haley contended there is no contradiction between her tough stance and Trump’s repeated public statements seeking to minimize Russia’s role. She said Trump “has not once” told her to stop “beating up on Russia.”

Even though the former Obama administration had charged Russia of interference during the 2016 U.S. campaign to help Trump and had imposed several sanctions on Russia, Haley has shown the same willingness: she wants to expand the Obama sanctions on Russia. She supports U.S. interference in Ukraine against Russia. In contrast, Trump had not supported such interference last year.

She has shown dissatisfaction with the alleged Russian involvement in the U.S. elections, but she seems to ignore the U.S. involvement in the elections of other nations. John Perkins, in his book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,” has said that U.S. intelligence agencies have rigged elections in other nations.

According to Joseph Farah, WND (WorldNetDaily) chief, even Israel did not escape from U.S. interference in Israeli elections. Farah said, “Barack Obama used U.S. taxpayer money openly to influence the election of its best ally in the Middle East, Israel.” He added, “The late Sen. Ted Kennedy actually asked for the Soviet Union’s help in defeating Ronald Reagan’s re-election effort in 1988. Where were the scowls of outrage back then?”

While 30 years ago only conservative Republicans were rightly beating up on the Soviet Union over leftist interference, today Obama’s party and Republicans are beating up on Russia over alleged conservative interference on behalf of Trump.

Haley said, “We don’t want any country involved in our elections, ever. We need to be very strong on that.”

So she does not want other nations to do to the U.S. what the U.S. has done to other nations, including Israel. But has actually Russia rigged U.S. elections on behalf of Trump?

Trump himself has said he believes Russian operatives hacked Democratic Party emails during the election. If he is right, Russians may have helped to elect him. U.S. intelligence agencies report that Russia tried to help Trump`s campaign effort.

And now does Haley intend, as Obama did, to punish Russia for helping Trump?

When asked if she believes Trump should publicly take a harder stance against Russia, she answered: “Of course, he’s got a lot of things he’s doing.”

Traditionally, in the modern U.S. politics, neocons are adamant that the U.S. should always keep an anti-Russian stance, especially with its Islamic alliances against Russia. In his campaign, Trump distanced himself from neocons and suggested that the best way for the U.S. was to have an alliance with Russia against Islamic terror.

A Russian-American alliance would be something very positive, because modern Russia under Putin has embraced more traditional values, championing in the United Nations pro-life and pro-family values, including an exemplary law in Russia banning homosexual propaganda to children and adolescents. Even the U.S. has no law to protect its children and adolescents against such propaganda.

Trump is having a very hard time to implement his campaign discourse against neocons. Whenever he tries to reach out to Russia in friendship and partnership, neocons in the mainstream media and the establishment make a political mess to him. The American Left, which loved the Soviet Union, has shown abundant willingness to antagonize and provoke Russia at every turn.

Complying with the pressure from neocons and the Obama party, Trump has been replacing his pro-Russian advisers with anti-Russian advisers.

Over 50 years ago, evangelists warned people that if John F. Kennedy were elected, the pope would be in the White House. Kennedy was the first Catholic U.S. president. The Kennedy clan was notorious for leftist connections and mafia ties. If they and the Democratic Party could have had such ties, why cannot U.S. conservatives, including Trump, have a partnership with a conservative Russia?

Why can the U.S. have ties with terrorist nations, but not with a conservative Russia?

Actually, Haley, who considers herself an evangelical, has been beating up on Russia in her inflammatory speeches in the United Nations. But she has not been beating up on Saudi Arabia, which is the main sponsor of Islamic terror around the world. Her behavior is similar to Obama’s behavior.

With the Obama administration, Saudi Arabia funded ISIS, which has committed a genocide of Syrian and Iraqi Christians. Russia has fought ISIS.

Why does Haley beat up on those fighting ISIS, but she does not beat up on those helping ISIS?

With information from the Associated Press.

Portuguese version of this article: Embaixadora dos EUA diz que vai continuar batendo na Rússia


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