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Obamacare Stripped Me of My Insurance and Now the VA Won’t Cover Me Either


Obamacare is the product of evil minds. This is not an exaggeration. People know that its creators designed it to fail. But what the public doesn’t yet know is that it’s worse than that. The government is actively doing everything it can to prevent you from having any say in your medical treatment. I have experienced this. You see, after Obamacare stripped me of my private insurance, I learned that the Department of Veterans Affairs won’t necessarily cover me either.

I previously paid for my own, private health insurance. Congress enacting Obamacare resulted in that becoming too expensive for me. I no longer can afford it or private medical care—including my long-time family practitioner. And now I am forced to rely on the VA for medical coverage. The closest VA hospital, by the way, is over 50 miles away.

For the past few years, I received notices from the government that advised me that my VA coverage satisfied Obamacare requirements—that the VA was my health insurance. So I knew that despite being unable to afford private insurance any longer, the VA would act as my insurance and pay for the rare occasions when I would need to see a doctor.

Or so it seemed.

Prior to 2017, my last medical visit was five years ago. But in February I had a medical emergency. It occurred in the evening. I called the VA hospital (which by that time was almost closed for the day). The employee on the phone told me to go to the nearest emergency room. I did.

In March, the VA sent me a notice informing me that it will not pay for the emergency room visit because I had not visited a VA facility in the past 24 months.

Absurd doesn’t begin to describe it.

The VA makes the news nearly every day for its substandard treatment, its overcrowding, its paying for “transgender” services while normal vets suffer, and for its other incompetence. Yet what thanks do I get for not burdening this overbooked and ill-run organization? It tells me it won’t pay for the first medical treatment I’ve had in five years because I hadn’t previously used the VA system.

The federal government priced me out of my private insurance through Obamacare. Now it refuses to pay for a one-time, emergency medical treatment. I have no idea how I will handle medical emergencies hereafter.

I am livid. And you should be too.

After all, this is what you will face once the despicable people running the U.S. eliminate all private medical coverage and force everyone into a government-run, death-filled “health” system.

You’ll have no say over your own life. And you’ll have no way to escape it.


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