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Yet More Terrorism, This Time in London


A day does not go by when another terror attack does not take place. This time we had a terrorist ploughing through a crowd of people in London. So far, five are dead and 40 injured. The attacker drove a car through the crowds and was armed with two knives as he raced along Westminster Bridge near the Houses of Parliament.

One policeman is among those killed, and the attacker has been shot dead by police. One British news item describes the attack this way:

A witness of the Westminster attack has described the terror as she saw a knifeman running towards Parliament as three shots were fired in the London attack. Shocked witnesses said they saw bodies lying on the ground on Westminster Bridge near Parliament.
One witness said she saw an Asian man carrying an eight-inch knife heading towards the building. Jayne Wilkinson said: “We were taking photos of Big Ben and we saw all the people running towards us, and then there was an Asian guy in about his 40s carrying a knife about seven or eight inches long.
“And then there were three shots fired, and then we crossed the road and looked over. The man was on the floor with blood. He had a lightweight jacket on, dark trousers and a shirt. He was running through those gates, towards Parliament, and the police were chasing him.”

Another write-up offers these bullet points to the attack:

-Police are treating the deadly attack at Westminster as a terror attack.
-Five dead, including the attacker and a London police officer.
-Police officer victim named as 48-year-old father of two PC Keith Palmer
-Attacker ran down numerous pedestrians on Westminster Bridge at around 1.40pm , injuring at least 40, some “catastrophically.”
-The attacker then ran through gates of Palace of Westminster and stabbed the officer. He was then shot dead by police.

As Robert Spencer reminds us, “‘Asian’ is British media Newspeak for ‘Muslim.’” Of interest, back in June, 2013, two leading American anti-jihad writers and speakers, Spencer and Pamela Geller, were banned from entering the UK for their views. Since then London now has an Islamic mayor.

There were early reports of the attacker being a Muslim but that has been withdrawn for now, so we still await a final word. But I find it hard to believe that the one doing all this was a Baptist, a Quaker or a Buddhist.

There were some acts of heroism at today’s event:

Within moments of chaos breaking out in London, Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood, whose brother was killed in the Bali terror attack, rushed to the aid of a stabbed police officer. Mr Ellwood performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the officer, who later died of his injuries.
A mere 10 metres away was the attacker, who was shot dead by police after scaling the security wall and entering the grounds of the Houses of Parliament. Mr Ellwood, who served in the Royal Green Jackets and reached the rank of Captain, used his first-aid training to try to stem the officer’s bleeding.

In another report the former Ukip leader Nigel Farage complained of recent comments made by the Muslim mayor: “Nigel Farage has decried comments made by Sadiq Khan prior to the London terror attack outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster on Wednesday afternoon. The London Mayor previously claimed terror attacks are ‘part and parcel’ of living in a modern city such as London.”

It may be “part and parcel” but it should not be this way. Just accepting terrorism as a fait accompli without a resolute will to stop it is a recipe for disaster. But having a Muslim mayor may make effective action against terror somewhat less likely, especially when the main source of terrorism today is Islam.

Once again we now have a waiting game. The terrorist is dead and the police are being tight-lipped so far. His identity will hopefully soon enough be realised to the public, including his religious background. If it turns out that this was yet another Islamic terror attack, then it will not be surprising in the least.

After all, since 9/11 there have been 30,496 deadly Islamic jihad attacks. It is everyday business for Islam. And it will only get worse until the West wakes up and starts to face reality.


Now police are saying it was indeed “Islam-related”. Stay tuned for more updates.


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