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Pro-Planned Parenthood, Pro-Abortion Hysteria Reaching Fever Pitch — Again


The Leftist sociopaths are once again getting as angry as Texas fire ants in a stirred-up nest over federal budget cuts being merely proposed by Trump and his fellow Republicans. That can only mean one thing – someone has dared to even think about cutting off taxpayer funding for their grisly, devilish sacrament of abortion.

Shockingly, the only kind of cuts that the serial killing Democrats will ever approve are those that sever a baby’s spinal cord. So, they’re whipping out all their rehashed, yet trusty, rhetoric about “back-alley, “coat hanger” abortion deaths in order to terrify the low-information masses into subsidizing their wholesale slaughter of the most vulnerable and innocent among us.

Like good, little killing machines, they’re mindlessly freaking out about Planned Parenthood chief henchwoman President Cecile Richards’ fantasy “world of back alley abortions.” It’s horrifically barbaric, but that’s typical murder-lovin’ liberals for ya.

This begs the question: Will defunding Planned Parenthood (PP) actually result in the number of deaths (babies and mommies) skyrocketing due to so-called “back-alley,” “coat hanger” abortions? Will it cause abortion clinics to become unsanitary, foreboding places for poor and disadvantaged mothers?

That’s certainly what we’re constantly and incessantly being told. It’s on TV and the internet, so it must be true, right? Wrong! Such appalling assertions are patently false on many counts.

1. The “back-alley” abortions claim is purely a PP perpetrated myth. The pro-death media has repeated this preposterous lie so many times for so long that people blindly accept it as fact without scrutiny or any real substantiation. What we do know for sure is that PP et al kill nearly a staggering 1 million babies yearly (around 3,000 every single day — about the same number that tragically lost their lives on 9-11).

When abortion was completely illegal (pre-1973), pro-abortion spokesman Dr. Bernard Nathanson testified during the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case, stating that there were almost 10,000 annual deaths due to “coat hanger” abortions. Based upon fallaciously disturbing stats like that and unsound jurisprudence, the Supreme Court sadly conjured up a legal right to baby dismemberment for any and all reasons. Dr. Nathanson later admitted that he lied — completely invented what he referred to as a “nice, round shocking figure,” but it’s still being circulated as though it were a well-established fact. The truth is, however, that there were only about 200-250 annual deaths due to illegal abortions. While one death is one too many, that still doesn’t change the fact that 200-250 is way, way less than 1 million abortions per year. That’s the facts, as opposed to the PP inspired horror stories.

2. “Non-profit” PP rakes in $1.3 billion in revenue and in excess of $125 million in profits according to their own annual financial reports. They make a killing off of killing babies. So, they do not need our hard-earned taxpayer dollars in order for them to remain in the infanticide business. They just don’t want to give up their $400 million government slush fund (a.k.a. blood money).

3. Trump recently told PP that they can keep their government funding if, and only if, they stop performing abortions, but they flatly refused. So, that’s their choice! They have simply chosen the flow of more blood over the continued flow of taxpayer-generated revenue. There’s no one to blame for that, but themselves.

4. As for clean, sanitary conditions, PP and the entire abortion lobby have made it their avowed mission in life to fight against every single regulation related to keeping abortion clinics safe, healthy and hygienic for pregnant women. They have unfortunately succeeded in deregulating the industry to the point that there are currently more health guidelines for a veterinary clinic than an abortion mill office. That’s shameful, and it led to the Kermit Gosnell house of horrors, and sadly his macabre atrocities were not, and are not, limited to only his clinic. And by the way, even when abortion was illegal, nobody ever had an abortion in a back alley. Even PP has admitted that pre-1973 (when abortion was illegal) that upwards of 90% of all abortions were performed by a professional physician in a doctor’s office!

5. Due to something called the Hyde Amendment, a few people may argue that PP is not legally allowed to receive any government subsidies for abortion, except in those rare cases when it’s absolutely necessary to save the life of the mother. Technically, that’s true. But let me teach you about a concept which may be new to a few of you. It’s called the fungibility of money. Fungibility essentially means that whenever Congress appropriates and exclusively designates finances for PP’s non-abortion related services, such as routine health exams or Pap smears, then this effectively frees up money from PP’s vast coffers to pay for and provide additional abortions. But if, on the other hand, we were to stop allocating money from our federal budget (to completely defund) them, then PP would be forced to use more of their own obscene profits for actual healthcare services … and, conversely, they would have much less to spend on executing preborn human beings.

6. Lastly, there are many other compassionate organizations that provide free or reduced prenatal care and other general women’s health care services, but not abortions. And many of them, unlike PP, also really do provide mammograms. The government funding that is currently being funneled to PP could easily be redirected to these much more caring organizations instead. Problem solved − low-income women would get the healthcare they need, and we, the taxpayers, wouldn’t have to pay a dime for PP’s baby butchery.

So, I really do hope that all those who call themselves Christians will someday choose to believe Bible-preaching pastors like myself (and the undeniable facts we share), rather than the dishonest media with all of their phony, fear mongering tales from the crypt … especially when it comes to such an all-important, life-and-death issue as abortion!

After all, who has more to financially gain by lying to you?



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