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The Constitution and The President’s Role with American Businesses

Crises in America


Just 60 days into his term as president, Donald Trump has brought to the attention of the public serious problems that must be rectified for the welfare of the nation. These are serious and troubling problems that are egregious, dangerous and unacceptable in the United States of America. Ultimately, correcting them will require a national outcry to shut them down.

Security Leaks
Since the November election, we have witnesses the illegal and criminal release of classified information by NBC and other news media. On January 5, 2017, NBC’s Lester Holt broadcast information about a Top Secret Intelligence report prior to its presentation to president-elect Trump. Classified information about conversations involving General Flynn were illegally leaked by U.S. intelligence agencies to the media.

Just last week, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow illegally showed President Trump’s 2005 federal income tax return, and on Friday, March 17th, NBC reported details of the Pentagon’s Secret plan to defeat ISIS, requested by the president. Each of these leaks is a felony punishable by a prison sentence.

Contrary to the opinion of the media, the Constitution’s First Amendment freedom of the press does not shield criminals who violate federal law. These leaks of classified and confidential personal information are dangerous breaches of the rule of law that cannot be tolerated. When national defense information is compromised, all Americans are put at great risk. The lives of our military men and women are maliciously put in grave danger by this lawlessness.

Judicial Corruption
Scripture warns, “You shall not pervert justice; you shall not show partiality”; yet, our courts are full of corrupt judges who supplant the Constitution with their personal political viewpoints. From U.S District Judge James Robart in Washington to Judge Derrick Watson in Hawaii, both of whom have moved to pervert justice with reckless militant liberal kookery, our courts are in a shambles.

The Constitution gives every U.S. president unilateral authority to block anyone from entering the United States who he decides may pose a threat to national security or safety for any reason or no reason. Both of these reprobate judges have seized for themselves authority that they are not provided under the Constitution or in any federal statute. Congress has oversight of the courts, but has been reluctant to use that role to rid U.S. courts of judges who violate or exceed their authority.

Some may say that judicial activism cuts both ways–that conservative judges abuse their positions in a similar way–but it’s a false charge. While their perspectives certainly differ from liberals, conservative judges, out of respect for the Constitution and their reputations, restrain themselves from taking on power to which they are not entitled.

Media Malpractice
In the past two months, America’s news media have reported numerous false news stories repeatedly, even after they have been debunked. One of these is the so-called Russian election hacking. The origin of this fake story was the false and malicious accusation by Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, and nothing more.

The computers of the Democrat National Committee were not hacked. Rather, they were invaded through the negligence of Clinton pal, John Podesta, through a simple phishing scheme. Podesta fell victim to an email scam whereby he was directed to change his password. When he made the change, his password was stolen. Nevertheless, our national news media, which has become as credible in recent weeks as the Politburo in the former Soviet Union, repeated this lie incessantly through implication and deceit.

America has an informational crisis today. Sources of information that should be reliable are no longer trustworthy. Through numerous methods and schemes, they present carefully worded false information to the public. The radical liberal viewpoint habitually dominates every news story or is delivered to the exclusion of every sensible alternative.

President Trump was roundly criticized for pronouncing that the news media is the enemy of the American people, but he was right–they are the most pernicious of national security foes, deceiving the very people they pretend to inform. Destructive anti-American propaganda has replaced journalism and honest news reporting.

Because the media has violated the trust of the people, new media sources are replacing them, doing the jobs they refuse to do.


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