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Ministry Expo and Conference: Courageous Christianity


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This is the world we live in today, where anarchists and protestors have become so emboldened and so intolerant of others’ views, AND others’ property, that they feel they can disrupt events, steal, loot, burn, destroy and vandalize property, and silence free speech or any idea or opinion that does not fit their Godless agendas. I am not sure what they thought they were going to accomplish. There was no way we were going to cancel our event because of their bullying, threats and intimidation tactics. But they DID manage to cost me a great deal of extra expense, including the hiring of the police officers, the loss of our very expensive signage, the need for a large insurance policy and more.

The threats continued, but there was no stopping God’s work. Our 2017 Ministry Expo and Conference came, just the same. Many were praying in advance for God’s protection, and that if protestors DID show up, that they would experience the power of God FIRSTHAND for themselves. And it was the most powerful event we have ever experienced. Not just the most powerful event I ever put together, but the most powerful event I have ever BEEN to. Every seat was taken at every one of our seminars, and for many, it was “standing room only.” One group of WCN readers drove three days, all the way from Kingston, Ontario, Canada to come to the Conference, because they have nothing like this where they live. I personally met and spoke with readers of our newspaper from several states including all parts of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa and even Pennsylvania. Everyone told me how encouraging and positive their experience at our Expo was, how they learned so much and how emboldened they became as the day went on, to go out and be so much more bold and courageous in their own Christian walks.

It was truly a day like no other, and without a doubt, the most successful Ministry Expo and Conference we have ever put together. How do I measure “success?” By the number of people who told me that for the first time in YEARS, they felt encouraged to stand up for their faith, unashamed to share their Christian views with others, to share the Gospel with others, to commit THEMSELVES to a deeper and more intense walk with the Lord, and to go out and truly BE the salt and light in this world that Christ has commanded us to be.

People are desperately hungry for the TRUTH that is only contained in the WHOLE counsel of God as recorded and preserved for us in the Scriptures. People are SO TIRED of weak, politically-correct so-called “Bible studies,” in which they are “forever ‘learning’ but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.” Our mission here with Wisconsin Christian News is “COURAGEOUS CHRISTIANITY!” Not politically-correct, non-offensive, “don’t make waves,” “just keep it to yourself” “Christianity.” Because that is NO Christianity at all. Calling oneself a “Christian” and living that way is the true definition of taking the Lord’s name in vain. Unfortunately, that is what most people are getting week after week after tedious week at their local churches, from pastors who prefer the accolades of men to the approval of Christ.

I’ve said it before, but I will say it again in case you missed it: There was not ONE courageous man of God in all the Bible who was well liked and popular among the people. Can you name one of Jesus’ disciples who was politically correct, or who just “went along to ‘get along?’” How many times was the Apostle Paul imprisoned, stoned and tortured for his faith in Christ? Yet today, our Christian “leaders” are too fearful of offending anyone to speak the whole counsel of God and speak it boldly, unapologetically, and truthfully. Instead, most pick and choose, skipping over those things that might make someone feel uncomfortable.

Friends, there is no more time for such nonsense and foolishness. If we are going to be true salt and light in this dark world, then we must learn to have the same faith, the same commitment and the same perseverence that the disciples and apostles and all the martyrs for Christ all down through the centuries have had. I, for one, have had enough of “Cushy Christianity.” It’s time we engage in the battle, as Christian soldiers. It’s time we become as proud of OUR God as the “other side” is of the devil they serve. It’s time, if we TRULY ARE God’s people, to stand up for Him, to speak the truth unashamedly, and to give our lives to our Savior completely. None of us are going to get out of this world alive anyway. We have only one chance to make an impact on the world and the people around us. It’s time we get our priorities straight and focus in like a laser beam on those things which are most precious and most important. It’s time for Christians to come out of hiding and to make our lives count for our Lord, by being bold and courageous.

I hope that many of you reading this were there to join us, and I trust you were as encouraged by the day as so many others were, and as I was. In addition to all the great teaching that took place, there were also many amazing connections made among those who attended, and new friendships formed that will bear fruit for eternity. Time and space does not permit me to expand on that, but there were so many “divine appointments” that took place at this event, truly they are countless.

I hope that YOU have caught the vision and are already engaged in the mission God has for you. Because good intentions without action are worthless — salt that has lost it’s savor, good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled on by men. We had a great day at the Expo. But we must now keep the momentum going, we must not let that fire that was kindled die. We must persevere, and occupy until He returns. Remember, if you are a child of God, Jesus walks with you as you share the truth of His Word at every opportunity, every day and night, everywhere you go. He will work through YOU to build His church of Courageous Christians, of Remnant believers on the narrow road that leads to life. And we ESPECIALLY need to learn to not only take up these challenges before us now, but we must also work to train our children and grandchildren, so they are JUST as courageous and unashamed of our Lord, and ready to take our place when our time on earth is done. Now go forth and SPEAK UP! Make disciples, and teach them to obey ALL Jesus has commanded. God bless you!

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