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Tired of Disney? Help BarbWire Start Something New.


Tired of Disney indoctrinating your kids with evil? Here’s your chance to help BarbWire start something new. During the next few weeks, I’ll be writing a serialized adventure story for middle grade readers (8-12 years-old). BarbWire readers can let me know what they think of it and if others might be interested in a series based off this story.

News that Disney plans to use its upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie to promote sodomy to children has people rightfully angered. But it’s unsurprising given the state of our culture. Boycotting Disney is one way to fight back. Going elsewhere for culture and entertainment is another way. And an adventure series I’ve outlined called The Stought Brothers can serve as that elsewhere.

The Stought Brothers is about a family (dad and mom; two sons) who travel the world since the father is a doctor of renowned skills. As they travel abroad (and during times when they are back in the U.S.) they have adventures. They experience other cultures and may even encounter some real-world events.

My plan is to provide one installment per week here at BarbWire. Not only will this help me gauge if people are interested in seeing The Stought Brothers published as a series of novels for middle grade readers, but it will also be a fun way to publish a story. It will be like how magazines of old used to publish serial stories.

The first story will serve as a test. This means, in part, I’ll simply tell the tale and not worry about how long it is. If people like it and it looks like BarbWire Books can turn it into a novel for middle grade readers, I’ll expand it to book length. Ideally, I’d like to publish it as a paperback and eBook, but the response here at BarbWire would have to be very strong for the paperback version to occur. So we’ll see what happens.

The Stought Brothers is meant to be a series that entertains. But it is also meant to be vehicle for engaging and affecting culture. This doesn’t mean that it’s going to be Christian Fiction. The Stoughts are Christians and the series will mention it. However, the books will not be sermons even as they will subtly show the value of honesty, loyalty, truthfulness, Godliness, and so forth.

Additionally, The Stought Brothers will be written under a pen name. There is a reason for this but I’ll leave that reason unsaid for the moment.

So I hope you look forward to reading this serial story. Tell everyone you know about it as well. I want this to be something (if it moves forward) that eventually enters the popular culture and that isn’t just limited to the BarbWire audience.

My plan is to publish the first installment of The Stought Brothers story some time next week.


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