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Ahmed el-Tayeb and Pope Francis

Muslim Pro-Family Leader Complains the West Highlights Islamic Violence, But Not Christian and Jewish Violence


In a conference last week in Egypt intended to be a show of unity among Muslims and Christians, the leading religious authority in Sunni Islam lashed out at supporters of abortion, sexual reassignment and globalization, saying they aim to “annihilate all Abrahamic religions.”

Yet, Grand Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, head of Egypt’s Al-Azhar, used his “pro-family” speech at the conference held last week also to accuse the West of condoning Christian and Jewish violence while only highlighting Islamic violence.

Perhaps he meant that while Muslim terrorists are bombing, maiming and killing innocent people around the world the West refuses to see that Christian terrorists are doing the same thing. The problem is: terrorists among Christians are an exception, while among Muslims they are the rule.

Contrary to the false accusation by the Sunni leader, the West insists on portraying Islam as a religion of peace and refuses to recognize terrorists as Muslim while it tries to label pro-family Christians as “terrorists” not because they bomb, maim and kill innocent people, but just because they advocate pro-family values.

Al-Azhar, a centuries-old seat of learning that provides guidance to Sunni Muslims, is opposed to abortion, and views homosexuality and gender reassignment surgery — except in cases of birth defects — to be sins.

The most important Sunni nation in the world is Saudi Arabia, which is the main sponsor of Islamic terrorism around the world.

If Saudi Arabia and other Sunni nations fully embrace a pro-life and pro-family platform, fighting abortion and the gay agenda to draw Christians for a religious unity, in the end only Sunni Muslims will be left advocating pro-family values, because they have been slaughtering, including through ISIS, thousands and thousands of Christians a year.

U.S. administrations, including Bush and Obama, have been praising and protecting Saudi Arabia, in spite that the U.S. is the largest Protestant nation in the world and in spite that ISIS, founded, armed and trained by Saudi Arabia and the U.S., is the biggest machine of genocide against Christians today.

Last month, the Trump administration sent the CIA director to reward Saudi Arabia for fighting Islamic terror. What will the U.S. government do next? Will it reward Saudi Arabia and Sunni Muslims as pro-life and pro-family champions?

If it is craziness for Sunni Muslims who embrace the pro-family fight against abortion and the gay agenda to slaughter thousands and thousands of Christians a year, is it not a bigger craziness for the U.S., the largest Protestant nation in the world, to embrace at the same time pro-family values and Christian-killing Sunni Muslims, including Saudi Arabia?

With information from the Associated Press.

Portuguese version of this article: Líder pró-família muçulmano se queixa de que o Ocidente destaca a violência islâmica, mas não a violência cristã e judaica


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