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How to Stop the Attack on Sessions and Get Progressives to Hate Their Own


Progressives are attacking Attorney General Jeff Sessions based entirely on a lie about him and Russia. So far, the Trump administration has not responded well to the attack. And that’s too bad because there are several ways to do so. One creative response would be to suggest that progressives are not being evil enough. In addition to stopping the attack, such a suggestion would sow chaos and confusion amongst them.

Many people have pointed out the lies and hypocrisies of the progressive assault on Sessions. For instance, after Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) issued a scathing attack on him while claiming that she never met with Russian officials, social media users quickly proved that statement was false.

Conservatives tweeted and posted this discovery. But it won’t make a difference. Noting the hypocrisies and wrongdoings of progressives doesn’t hurt them. In fact, their base supports them precisely because they are hypocritical and do wrong.

And this is where the creative response comes into play. If progressives support their leaders because of their wrongdoings, then the only thing that would outrage them is if their leaders were doing the opposite.

Power players should start suggesting that progressive politicians and pundits really aren’t committed to doing evil. This will resonate. Progressives will care about this and media won’t be able to ignore it. Such stories will take over the news and the lies about Sessions will go away.

Obviously outright saying that a particular progressive isn’t evil enough won’t work. But suggesting that “sources say” that this Democratic politician “doesn’t really support abortion,” or that Democratic politician “isn’t committed to transgender bathroom rights,” will work. So will comments such as, “A friend told me he doesn’t want to protect marriage equality,” and, “I heard that she thinks Christians should have a right to refuse business to anyone they want.”

Engaging in such a manner would not only turn a favored progressive tactic on them, but it would drive progressives mad. They cannot stand the thought of one of their leaders supporting anything less than total evil. Chaos would ensue as the progressive leader denied the accusations. Some progressives would come to his defense. Others would say they are phonies. Distrust and confusion would be everywhere. And no one would be lying about Sessions any longer.

This is just one tactic for those with power to use if they ever desire to fight back against the attacks on Sessions and the coup against the Trump administration. Combined with other tactics and it would form an effective counterattack strategy that would permanently keep progressives in chaos.


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