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Bakers Still Roll Models for Truth


There has to be space in our society for people who hold differing views. Isn’t that what liberals meant by tolerance? Apparently not, as Aaron and Melissa Klein know all too well. Like dozens of other family businesses, the Kleins never thought that their faith would be a liability to their booming bakery business. They were wrong. In a politically correct world, thy found out that costs of running a business are a lot more than dollars and cents. For these bakers, it was their First Amendment rights.

Their dream of opening a dessert shop near Portland, Oregon turned into a nightmare when two lesbians refused to take “no” for an answer on their request for a same-sex “wedding” cake. As FRC’s Travis Weber points out, the Kleins were happy to provide any item from their shop to gay and straight customers alike. They welcomed everyone to come and shop at Sweet Cakes by Melissa. The only thing the Kleins declined to do was become part of a same-sex wedding ceremony; they didn’t want to be forced — by any customer — to create a cake that violated their beliefs. The same was true of any event contradicting their faith — like a celebration of divorce, an order they would also decline.

Still, liberals in the state hounded the Kleins with a ferocity that ultimately forced their store to close. Now, facing a $135,000 fine, the parents of five will finally have their day in court. Until now, they’ve been at the mercy of a biased administrative body in Oregon that even went so far as to impose a gag order on the couple. Our friends at First Liberty Institute are representing the couple, who are just asking for the right the Constitution already gave them: to live and work according to their faith. “We should all be willing to peacefully coexist with different opinions,” said First Liberty’s Kelly Shackelford. “That’s the only way freedom can truly exist. We hope the Oregon Court of Appeals will dispense justice for the Kleins and honor their constitutional right to religious freedom.” Join us in praying for the Klein family tomorrow as they defend what every American is guaranteed!


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