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Ellen DeGeneres

Prominent Homosexuals: ‘Yes I am Gay [Because of Child Abuse]’ (Video)


It all started with not-so innocent banter on a radio program.

Milo Yiannopoulos, the famed homosexual provocateur, was discussing a sexual encounter he endured as a young adolescent:

Milo states:

“You don’t know what pedophilia is … because I certainly not defending it.”


Then came Milo’s deeply disturbing response to a charge that Milo was advocating for “cross-generational relationships”:

“No, I don’t mind admitting that [at ages] 13-28, 12-29, these kind of thing happen.”

Milo was talking about consensual sexual relationships between minors and young adults.

He then argued that young males receive love, comfort, and caring from older, same-sex partnerships.


Milo later admitted that he was molested by a priest.

Here’s a part of his statement on Facebook, shortly before his resignation from Breitbart News:

I am a gay man, and a child abuse victim.

My own experiences as a victim led me to believe I could say anything I wanted to on this subject, no matter how outrageous.

The quasi-libertarian argument alleges that people should be allowed to do whatever they want to with their own bodies.

Sorry, but they are wrong.

Milo suggested–with no clear inference of irony or sarcasm, that sexual encounters between minors and adults is also acceptable.

No, it isn’t.

Sexual contact with younger people imposes unspeakable consequences. Consent is crucial, essential, and that consent must be guided by informed maturity.

There is no spinning what he had stated. He claimed that there were “cross-generational relationships” that are acceptable.

Sorry, Milo, you are wrong.

Milo was molested, and this invasion of his privacy hurt his identity. He is not a gay man, as much as a hurt child trying to negotiate the pain and shame of the past into his present.

Milo falsely defined himself as a gay man to deal with the trauma of becoming a child abuse victim.

I have written before how the Big Gay Hate Machine came up with the “born that way” fraud to induce people with same-sex feelings to believe that they were born that way.

But the people behind this perverse fraud are truly to blame.

And Milo’s views and missteps are not unique.

This past week, I discovered the perverse revelation and affirmation  for pedophilia from George Takei:

Takei was 13 years old. He attended a summer camp in Lake Arrowhead, CA.

A camp counselor molested him. None of us can or should entertain the argument that George at 13 consented to an adult’s abuse.

For the record–victims will tend to blame themselves or claim that they were “attracted” to the older person who molested them.

Let’s state the facts plainly–13 years is not consent, and that camp counselor molested young George. Takei even tells that he “had to stay in the cabin”.

Takei was molested.  The hurt of such behavior led him to conceal this unspeakable crime until his elderly years.

Yet Takei adds another shameful layer to this tragedy. On a number of radio programs, he laughs about this abuse, and the former Star Trek star gives the impression that it was it acceptable.

No! It wasn’t! No, it isn’t!

George Takei is wrong.

Another celebrity shared a similar exerience with abuse, ye denied the connection with her current homosexual leanings.

Ellen Degeneres admitted in an interview that she was molested — terribly, and yet she tried to explain away her same-sex attraction and identity as though she was really “born that way”:

This is all wrong, and it’s time to connect the dots.

Many people who struggle with same-sex feelings are victims of abuse. Victims should not feel shame, but our culture should not turn LGBT issues into the new civil rights movement.

Now, let’s return to the issue of consent.

There are biological as well as psychological reasons for a clearly defined age of consent.

Dr. Miriam Grossman–renowned child psychiatrist–has lectured around the world against radical “progressive” sexual education programs:

Now back to Milo.

Did this self-proclaimed virtuous troll normalize pedophilia?

He stringently affirms his opposition to pedophilia. Well.

More importantly, he needs to confront the lies about the sexual abuse in his past. It was not OK, and no he was not the predator when the priest took advantage of him. Not at all.

And it’s time for conservatives to confront the truth about homosexuality, transgenderism, and other paraphilias.

These labels are not diverse identities. They are destructive behaviors, and they are waging war on the foundations of our culture.

Will conservatives, libertarians, and pro-Trump supporters finally start paying attention? Will they stop simply listening to openly gay activists who claim they were “born this way” and proud of it? Such heightened bravado really covers up lingering shame for past same-sex experiences, or worse–abuse.

This is why I am so outspoken against the LGBT agenda.

It’s not about hating a person — it’s about hating sin, and more importantly hating the individuals who promote, enable, and indoctrinate this sinful lifestyle

It’s time to stand for truth.

Let us stand with those who suffer, but also resist the radical ideology that normalizes homosexuality and other perverse sexual behaviors

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1)

and also

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7)

Yes, all of us are born dead in our trespasses. But Jesus died that we would be free from sin, and live forever in His life.

We need to fight for the rights of all citizens.

We need to stress the needs of all victims, and recognize that the grace and love of God not only saves us, but transforms us!

It’s time to reject the hateful agenda which traps people in a false identity of any kind.

It’s time to #FreeMilo and all others who struggle with sin, whether sexual or otherwise–and for real!

Listen to these remarks from Dr. David Pickup, a reparative therapist, who explains that unwanted sexual feelings receive proper treatment through the truth, with freedom from condemnation:


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