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John Dickerson enemies of the people

President Trump Denounces the Enemies of the People


Since President Trump’s press conference last week, in which he verbally flogged the dishonest Democrat media coalition of ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Post and others, editors and news anchors have been furiously reacting with renewed anti-Trump hatred, condemnation and hysteria. President Trump’s crime, of course, is that he had the audacity to expose the fake news and outright distortion of every national media story and the habitual rejection of stories that do not comport with the political agenda of their Democrat handlers.

Adding to the fake news at the national level, it’s sweeps season, where Nielsen rates local stations on the viewership of regional markets. Nielsen ratings determine how much a station can charge for advertising. Viewers can know when it’s sweeps season because local television stations nationwide indulge in overtly advertising themselves at every turn.

For some stations, it’s the only time of year when they will produce their own sensational stories that they hope will increase their standing. The ABC affiliate covering the Lynchburg-Roanoke area claims to present news “without bias.” Bias however, is not merely revealed by what stories they cover–it is also illustrated by what they ignore. For example, a local station may report on a transgender group’s “fears of increasing violence” in the wake of the presidential election, but neglect to mention violence against homosexuals and lesbians by one another. Most local stations today, will report vehicular homicides and sex crimes, neglecting to mention that the suspects are illegal aliens.

Last weekend on Face the Nation, CBS’s John Dickerson suggested that announcing the Democrat media are “enemies of the people” as President Trump has done, may incite some to commit acts of violence. Dickerson has revealed no such fear of violence committed by the paid anti-Trump protesters funded by Democrat organizations that took to the streets in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington.

New York Times editor, David Brooks has said that his concern about Trump’s recent castigation of the media’s fabricated and libelous reporting is “not incipient fascism, but anarchy.” Interestingly, Brooks had no compunction to criticize Obama’s effusive support and advocacy of Black Lives Matter or Democracy Partners’ civil anarchy that resulted in the deaths of innocent citizens and police officers in Baltimore, Baton Rouge, New York City and Ferguson.

This kind of bias is inherent in media coverage regardless of the facts that are reported. It’s a bias of worldview–a lens that distorts reality and filters out the abject hypocrisy objective people see and hear everyday from Democrats and their media partners. All we have to do is to remember back to the previous eight years of Obama’s abysmal tenure. There were no reports of false stories credited to “anonymous sources” or unnamed sources. No stories were produced that included manipulative implications like “fueling questions,” “critics say…” or new nightly “controversies.” If fact, Obama’s executive orders–many of them illegal–were rarely mentioned unless and until they were struck-down by a federal court judge.

NBC’s Chuck Todd of Meet the Press, complained that President Trump’s criticism of media lies and distortion is “anti-American,” as if the so-called news media is above reproach, despite their utter lack of honesty, balance, fairness or even professional integrity. Domination of American news media by liberal Democrats has been the status quo for the past fifty years, but in prior decades, respect for the news industry served to limit outright political promotion and personal contempt. Not so, today.

The empty godless secular worldview places no value on personal or professional integrity. Traditional shared values that once prevented media outlets from distributing false and malicious news stories intended to destroy their political opponents are gone. Even though every major media outlet has been exposed for producing or repeating false and distorted reporting, there is no sign that these efforts will be curtailed.

News agencies reporting false, malicious and distorted stories intended to reinforce a godless, anti-Christian, lawless Democrat agenda are proving that their ultimate allegiance is solely to their personal political views. By their own hands, the established media confirm they are, indeed, enemies of the American people.


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