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Trump’s Promotion of Homosexual Rights Comes at the Expense of Judeo-Christian Religious Freedom


As forces of evil have pulled our nation further and further from the Word of God (the Holy Bible), we have increasingly become a nation filled with hedonistic, morally bankrupt tyrants. Many of these people now hold power and use it to intimidate believing Christians, who want no part of the moral bankruptcy.

I divide these operatives who hold power into two categories, the naïve and the sinister, because the groups have different motives.

President Trump falls into the category of simply naïve. Many professed Christians fit that category, as well. They maintain a sincere belief that we should all live in harmony, no matter our differences. This is a noble sentiment, but it comes from a lack of in-depth understanding of Almighty God’s will as expressed in Scripture.

What they fail to comprehend is that Scripture, which encompasses the entirety of the Bible, provides the definitive statement from God on everything involving human kind, including human behavior. Everything—regardless of who believes or does not believe in God’s authority. Almighty God does not operate from a point of human acceptance. We are the created; He is the creator. He is not so much concerned with our living in harmony as He is with our living in accord with His will.

That lack of understanding renders people who say they are Christian completely vulnerable to all anti-Christian forces, whatever those forces may be.

The operatives who are sinister in their motives view attachment to the cause of promoting sexual deviancy as the means to an end. I include Barack Obama and those of his ilk in that category, as well as apostate Christians who knowingly subvert the Bible. Their promotion of deviancy, under the guise of civil or human rights, is just another method of destroying America’s Judeo-Christian foundation. The subterfuge is understandable given that this nation, the United States of America, is a blight on Satan’s claim to world domination. America as one nation “under God” cannot stand; it must be dismantled. Rampant libertinism is a tool for the accomplishment of that goal.

President Trump must soon face head on the issue of how he plans to execute his promise to protect Christian religious freedom in our country. Not only is that freedom under assault in America, but Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s State Department insisted on forcing an acceptance of sexual deviancy on foreign nations.1 These nations were easily intimidated by the power Obama and Clinton wielded in the name of the United States. American embassies are required to fly the homosexual so-called “rainbow” flag along with the American flag, as an added affront to host countries.2

Some say President Trump’s refusal to reverse Barack Obama’s destructive course regarding the homosexual agenda is due to advice from his Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner and his daughter Ivanka. This is a plausible assessment, although it is yet to be proven.

The young Kushners are both millennials, steeped in the northeastern culture of progressive thinking. They also claim Orthodox Judaism as their faith. In that regard, Brian Camenker, a pro-family advocate who attends an Orthodox synagogue in Newton, Massachusetts, commented, “You can’t be serious as an Orthodox Jew and support the gay agenda.”3 Camenker is the president of Mass Resistance, a national group that has valiantly fought the LGBT agenda for many years.

The Kushners, in their new roles as advisers to the President, will be expected to reconcile publicly any pro-homosexual advocacy with their “Orthodox” Jewish beliefs. After all, pro-homosexual advocacy requires the suppression of Christian religious freedoms and rights of conscience for all Americans. This is one reason sexual anarchists commandeer the courts to advance their agenda. They will never gain acceptance through the ballot box, because America is still a Judeo-Christian nation.

Likewise, President Trump will be expected to reconcile his cosmopolitan-New York sense of homosexuality with his commitment to religious freedom for the thousands of Christians who voted for him. They did so because they expect him to stanch the persecution of Christians at the hands of sexual anarchists (primarily homosexual fascists). I agree with an assessment I recently read that this issue is likely to present a persistent schism in his presidency.

It naturally follows that as this issue magnifies, and it will, some will conclude that Trump never seriously considered signing a pro-religious liberty executive order. I seriously doubt President Trump could ever be so dumb. He certainly doesn’t think the Christian groups who supported him were only pretending grave concern over the many instances of homosexual persecution of those who refuse to play along with their deviancy. I think he is simply ignorant of the real purpose of the homosexual agenda, which is ultimately to criminalize Judeo-Christianity in America.

The President is viewing the situation through the prism of discrimination. This assessment is bolstered by Vice President Pence’s parroting the President’s position that we cannot allow discrimination. I think both men are ignorant of the gravity of what Christians face. This is not an issue of civil rights. Bottom line, there is no constitutional right to choose to live a homosexual lifestyle, nor is there a right to any other choice of acting out sexual deviancy. There is, however, a constitutional right to Christian religious liberty and the exercise of Christian conscience.

I hope the coalition of religious leaders who serve on President Trump’s religious advisory council are on top of this issue. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (FRC) and one such religious leader is reported to have stated the President recognizes the need for executive religious freedom protections. Pastor Perkins assures us any delay in acting on this crucial campaign promise is temporary. We biblical Christians will have to exhibit patience; the new administration has only completed its first month.

What we cannot do, however, is retreat if the administration presents a solution based on a naïve conception of what we as Christians are facing. Simply stated, sexual fascism will not be accepted by those of us who choose to follow God’s laws when the laws of men conflict with His laws. There will be no coming together and living in harmony with those who choose to defy God, and audaciously demand that we all bow to their choices.

The three young Hebrew men of Daniel’s day set the example (Daniel 3:12-18); the biblical report of their dilemma is a fascinating read. They confirmed in awe-inspiring proportions that manmade laws do not trump those of Almighty God (no pun intended).




2. For those unaware, God created the rainbow as a symbol of a new covenant with mankind after the Flood (Genesis 9:13-17). I suspect the choice of the rainbow as a symbol of something so debased as homosexual sodomy was a deliberate one—a pernicious affront to Almighty God. So typical of the haughtiness of corrupt souls. So like their father, Satan.


© Sylvia Thompson


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