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Melania Trump Speaking in Florida

That’s No Way to Tweet a Lady: Reaction to Melania Trump Praying at Rally


Even President Obama used to say “God bless America.” But when it comes to someone actually asking God’s blessing, liberals lose it. Exhibit A: This weekend’s Trump rally in Florida. Before the president spoke, he invited his wife to the podium to say a few words. When those words were the Lord’s Prayer, the crowd erupted in cheers.

But not everyone was as enthusiastic as the thousands jammed into an airport hangar in Orlando. Liberals ripped into First Lady Melania Trump with a viciousness that should expose the crusaders of “tolerance” for the frauds they are. The party that supposedly cares more about immigrants tore into America’s most visible one, mocking her accent and criticizing her delivery. “If you need to read this prayer, you’re not a Christian,” one claimed. “With an hour’s practice I could probably say the Lord’s Prayer better in Slovene than Melania Trump does it in English,” another ridiculed.

Calling her everything from Dracula to names unfit for publication, liberals stormed Twitter and Facebook with jeers and insults. Others blasted Melania for breaching the fictional wall between church and state — which is ridiculous for several reasons, not the least of which is that this wasn’t an official administration event. Even if it were, the First Lady would be well within her constitutional rights to invoke God. After all, Congress does it every day! Rule II.5 of the House specifies: “The Chaplain shall offer a prayer at the commencement of each day’s sitting of the House.” In the Senate, it’s such a priority that Rule IV states, “During a session of the Senate when that body is in continuous session, the Presiding Officer shall temporarily suspend the business of the Senate at noon each day for the purpose of having the customary daily prayer by the Chaplain.” Public prayer is a tradition as old as government itself. And one of the most vindicated. Federal courts have a stack of rulings taller than the Left’s high horse upholding prayer at everything from city council meetings to the presidential inauguration.

While liberals savage Melania, Americans everywhere are coming to her defense. Taya Kyle, wife of slain Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, took particular offense to the contempt, since her husband — like all of our brave men and women in uniform — risked his life so that the First Lady (and everyone else) could exercise her First Amendment rights. “The attacks are unfounded, and I think people don’t understand what was meant originally by separation of state and church. It was meant to protect the churches from government influence. It was meant to protect the people from having the government force a religion down their throat or compel them to believe something their conscience was not allowing for…”

Other people saw it as the latest sign that the Trumps were turning the page on eight long years of faith-based hostility. Let’s hope so. Surely, seeing his own wife vilified for such a simple and historically acceptable religious expression should move this president to act to protect the First Freedom of all Americans. If anything, it ought to light a fire under the administration to move quickly on the repeal of Johnson Amendment, First Amendment Defense Act, and an executive order giving everyday people the ability to live and speak according to their faith. The threats to faith are plentiful, but so are the solutions. And I think the First Lady would be the first to say it’s time to start implementing those solutions and protect our First Freedom!


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