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God Bless America

More Than a Great Start for a Great America


Stunningly, we are still seeing backlash at was a clear cut political contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Hillary, probably the most corrupt politician in the history of the US of A, for some reason still draws groupies in a sick way like Charles Manson does (even after soundly losing the race).

I’m still just plastered speechless when even now, after the inauguration, hearing people decry Donald as racist, homophobic and crazy.


As I sat in the dentist’s chair recently, I had finally had enough, after hearing the dental tech weigh in on something else beside tartar fighting toothpaste. And in probably one of the most dangerous spots to be in (strapped into a dentist’s chair under the drill), I called both the dental tech and Dentist out on their slander.

Both individuals looked as though the walls to the toilet stall fell flat in a crowded bathroom. Deer in the headlights; fried eggs for eyes.

“Tell me, just what don’t you like about Donald Trump? Like tell me some of the positions he takes that are wrong.” (Their eyes, still not blinking).

“Well… he’s racist!” ‘meeped’ the tech. Then the dentist chimed in “Yes….racist!”

“Ok, how so?” I squinted (making direct eye contact).

“Uh…” her eyes flashed with a help me glance to the dentist.

Swinging the dental drill around like a dead fish, my dentist responded uncomfortably, “What he said about Mexicans!”

I reminded the good Dr that Trump was talking about illegal Mexican criminals.

“Well CNN said…” I interrupted “The same CNN that has been doing fake news stories and clipping sound bites?”

The “…uh” resurfaced.

This time it was his glance of appeal for help, from the tech.

For the next five minutes, I informed them on the hypocrisy of a rather evil demon called “mainstream media”.

Forced smiles meant to keep my business were presented, and I was left to enjoy the massage chair.

Once again, I had encountered fashionable regurgitates. It was cool to be anti-Trump. “Do you like peanut butter? Me too! What about Donald Trump? Isn’t he a jerk?!” And no doubt they’d been riding that wave when among the like minded. We sit in a place in history where the individual North Americans gullibility has hit pandemic status; lemming status if you will.

I wrote previously on the people in North America, for the most part, sitting in some sort of delusional state. Obviously, the devil has hypnotized them into thinking good is bad and bad is good. The need is to have Jesus come in and switch their 666 embossed hard drives for a copy of the Holy Bible.

Because the liberals are so inclined to be running on bad fuel, we need to consider the potential of further crazy logic being acted out by these crazy people. I mean, this is crazy what we are seeing now isn’t it? Are their baby bottles topped up with Jack Daniels or something? Grief counselors for young democrats, weeping and gnashing their teeth over their party losing the election, riots, blockades and tongue lashings by the cavernous skulls of starlets (Hollywood: home of the brainless). Please California, make rumours of your cessation become a reality. Don’t keep teasing us with such delights.


I’m just wondering when the assassination attempt is coming (its not like people aren’t suggesting it). Remember the teacher who pretended to shoot Trump during her elementary school class? Yes those are the nimble minds of future tax payers people such as her are poisoning.

Trump is not lucky; he’s smart. Becoming the tycoon that he is, has not come because of Powerball. You must be somewhat calculating to make the ‘big-bux.’ You need the ability to envision and to forecast.

So, when I look at how Trump has set up his cabinet, and who he picked as vice-president, I see vision and calculation. And because of this, (deliberate or not) his having Mike Pence and other evangelical believers in Christ around The Master of The Deal, is just plain genius! Especially Mike Pence as ‘Vice -Prez.’

Whether someone tries to impeach trump (realistically not going to happen) or lock him in a porta-potty. Whether some whack-job decides to shoot Trump or poison his apple juice, outspoken evangelical Christian Mike Pence becomes president.


Now just think about this for a second:

Get rid of Trump, and committed Jesus follower Mike Pence slips on the ‘Prez-Pants’ before the body is even cold.

This alone should be enough to scare the lefties.

Yes rumours abound on how Trump may have come to Jesus, but with Pence, let there be no doubt, he believes and practices Christian orthodoxy. There would be no room for homosexual unions, abortion, fence jumping illegals or safe cities for potential Islamic martyrs in a Pence Presidency.

So this alone, I believe makes this Trump presidency safer for the next four years. What needs to be done now is to somehow put safeguards (not penetrable by midnight Obama-ish executive orders) around pillars that keep America from becoming the International Trough and cry baby towel that it was becoming under Barry.

There are four years for Americans to build, forge and guard against another Obama coming in and dismantling morality, borders and economic growth.  Let’s continue to decry false America (dethrone Mainstream Media, protect the unborn, free the Christians, build The Wall, keep Orthodox Islam out and tear down the walls they built with the help of Obama. Let this good start continue today and those preceding).


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