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Valentine Reminder: ‘Darker’ Passion Is Not Love


Our children don’t need sex education. They need love education.

In a culture where “Fifty Shades Darker” opened on Valentine’s Day weekend to enthusiastic crowds, younger generations are sometimes buying the Shades’ twisted view of romantic love.

Does true love include bondage and dominance? Not in a stable, healthy relationship. But too many of our kids think this is a normal variation of intense desire. No, lust inspired by control and violence is only on the menu of relationships destined to crash and burn.

It’s also a feature of cultures in rapid decline. Women and girls are flocking to these self-destructive movies.

Many millennial girls as well as guys use their bodies as a handshake, gambling for a sustainable, lasting attachment. But after premature intimacy, they move on to other partners if they feel disappointed. It’s ruthless and shallow and a recipe for defeat.

It’s not such a happy Valentines’ Day in America. But our kids think this is supposed to work. Porn, ropes and hand-cuffs are being sold as the new candy and flowers of today’s fantasy date.

How sad that the sweet, slow blossoming of young love is a lost experience for many of today’s youth. They short-change the process, missing that mysterious, glorious human interaction crafted by the Almighty to produce life-long passion sealed by holy marriage.

The loss, usually unperceived, is heartbreaking, soul-breaking and society-breaking.

We should not be surprised. After learning throughout middle and high school “health” education classes that any form of sexual contact is acceptable, why would most youth seek another path? Modesty-smashing, intentional gender blending is a shock strategy of these classes to quickly deliver the required propaganda. Stunned, desensitized kids are then molded to the new pathological norms of the American pornographied culture.

Yet not all teens fall for this nonsense, and that’s the very good news. New surveys reveal that more and more teens wait for sex. They listen to the sexual risk avoidance lessons taught in responsible schools. With strong examples from home, they know that another outcome is quite achievable.

If only more were going this direction. The hook-up sector is growing, and its practices are darker and more damaging.

Social media facilitates temporary liaisons. There’s a seemingly endless pool of potential partners “out there” – so who needs to settle for less than the dream lover?

Of course, the usual bad actors are contributing destructive propaganda that fuels this trend. Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts is featuring this Valentine’s message: “All you need is Love … and a Plan.” Such “plans” include contraception, STD testing and other “sexual health services.” We all know what that means – the abortion that steals the life of your mutual child.

Abortion is not just a child-killer; it can be a real romance-killer as well.

Faithful couples who have not had sex before marriage need none of this. They share the anticipation of marital passion and fruitfulness that produces new human life! What a divine blessing, to have one’s devotion create a new person with traits of both mom and dad.

This is the pinnacle of true romance.

How did we ever get to the point where the “ideal woman” is a hard, selfish female who believes destroying her own child is a cherished right? Who whines about male oppression in a “rape culture” but snickers over sado-masochistic novels and films?

And young women wonder why the perfect mate eludes them.

Planned Parenthood remains clueless. On Valentine’s Day 2014, CEO Cecile Richards tweeted a photo of herself with a sign: “What women want … safe legal abortion.” And a touching heart symbol.

Is it true that women in America really, really hope PP will keep offering to kill our children for us, for a small fee? Such a hearts-and-flowers notion!

And GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, keeps the Ad Council “Love Has No Labels” campaign alive each Valentine’s Day, but it’s a negative message conveying a huge lie.

No labels apparently means no heterosexuality. Yet God specifically created two categories of humans, male and female. The system works wonderfully, unless you are rebellious or lost.

We reject His design at our peril.

It used to be called courtship and marriage, that “M” word many schools now believe, after pressure from the “LGBTQ” lobby, must include same-sex couples in sex education classes. And so, homosexual practices like anal sex are normalized along with casual heterosexual linkages.

Scripture teaches us not to “arouse or awaken love before its time.” Yet delayed gratification is just not very popular. Even Christian families are seeing their adolescents become young adults who have no problem living together before, or instead of, marriage.

We are to “flee sexual immorality” (1 Corinthians 6:18). The bodies of believers are temples of the Holy Spirit. Youth who claim a saving faith in Jesus Christ are nevertheless engaging in sexual intimacy outside of marriage and thinking nothing of it.

And those self-labeled “gay” Christians? God remembers what He has taught us. If we choose to proudly persist in what He has called sin, love and true faith in Him is absent. The Apostle Paul told us that love “does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth” (1 Corinthians 13:6).

The “gay Christian” identity is an oxymoron. A faithful believer would never identify with a sin God has called an abomination. He or she would be resisting, struggling against this sin, not letting it rule one’s attractions, and seeking God’s will.

One way is to squarely face the idolatry always at the root of sexual sin: worshiping the flesh instead of God, pinning one’s hopes and dreams on physical pleasure.

The gods of our age encourage us to idolize a lover even if he leads one into sin. It’s the pointless search for that “perfect” partner who will be our savior and redeemer.

But there’s already Someone with those titles, One who defined and created love. And He is truly worthy of our worship.


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