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President Trump Has the Constitutional Duty to Keep Us Safe


After the most dishonest and ruthless presidential campaign in the past fifty years and numerous efforts over the last three months to reverse it, the United States is in trouble. To about a third of our people, political preference animated by hate, rage and violence, has replaced truth, reality and sanity. Over one-half of America wants our country to remain as it has always been — the most free, prosperous, and noble nation on earth. In addition, we have so-called news media, Hollywood celebrities and Democrat politicians telling us that the psychotic and fanatical third is actually the majority.

America’s public schools have failed to teach students the actual historic and miraculous creation of the United States, and the media seems determined to reinforce public ignorance. As a result, when significant changes come, many of our neighbors are ill-equipped to deal with them in a mature, constructive manner.

The baseless politically-motivated challenges to President Trump’s efforts to protect the American people by Federal District Court Judge, James Robart of Seattle, is one example of the danger of allowing governmental institutions to become extricated from their Constitutional duties. When officials of low integrity are given political power, they will always abuse it to advance their own ideals at the expense of the legitimate duties of their offices.

Statutory law makes clear that the President of the United States has complete authority to enforce immigration law and to protect the American people from threats posed by people from other nations. Federal judges have no legitimate power to intervene in matters of national security, in part, because judges have neither access to relevant information or the responsibility to protect the American citizens.

Our dishonest network news media have thrown-up a myriad of hollow arguments against enforcement efforts by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.). In an effort to turn public opinion away from enforcement of immigration law, news outlets seize on stories like that of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos.  Garcia de Rayos, 36, was convicted in 2008 of a felony resulting from the theft of a Social Security number belonging to an American citizen. Protests incited by activist group Puente Arizona, sought to impede the transport of Garcia de Rayos into custody.

Puente Arizona is a self-proclaimed “human rights” organization that seeks to help illegal aliens remain in the United States in opposition to the law.  Puente advocates resistance against I.C.E. and non-cooperation with law enforcement efforts aimed at establishing the legal status of alien migrants. The A.C.L.U. is also involved in helping illegal aliens to avoid deportation.

The mainstream media, including USA Today, along with militant Democrat activist groups have aligned themselves in direct opposition to U.S. law and the safety and security of American citizens. By portraying the enforcement of U.S. immigration law as harsh and cruel, they seek to weaken the resolve of the public and police to enforce the legitimate laws that protect us and our children. Illegal immigration costs the America people an estimated $100 billion per year, and 71% of illegal aliens receive some sort of government assistance, in tolerated forms of theft.

Denying the enormous body of evidence of voter fraud, news media and militant Democrats encourage election tampering and further fraud efforts. Gallup estimates that 14% of cast votes are fraudulent. If true, the ability of citizens to elect their representatives is threatened.

Federal judges who interfere in the lawful restriction of travel into the United States, exceed the powers provided them under the U.S. Constitution and oppose the interests of honest, law-abiding working people. In attacking and stalling the confirmation of President Trump’s cabinet appointments, Democrats openly defy the American people for whom they profess to speak.

Radical, militant Democrats, our news media and their privately-funded protest groups are counterfeit Americans.  Citizenship in any nation has both the benefit of rights and the demand of responsibilities.  The political left seeks to advance the rights of citizenship without any accountability whatsoever, and that is not an acceptable situation in any land.

These are perilous times for the United States. Prevailing against the anti-American threats within our borders and without will require knowledgeable and motivated citizens to reengage in the actions of their government. In order to defeat phony Democrat patriots, the American people must thwart the antics of proxy protesters, and either avoid the distorted mainstream news media altogether, or carefully scrutinize what they choose to believe.

Our system of self-government demands the involvement of informed and honorable people who are committed to the health and welfare of the nation as a whole. Those who would be free must be informed and involved. Ignorance of the issues and the tricks of fake news media will become increasingly costly to us all.


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