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How Do We Do It? Ending Abortion for Good


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The television screen goes dark. The melancholy sounds of violin music play softly in the background, while images of sad, forlorn faces fade in and out and a tearful voice describes the plight of the forgotten ones… abandoned, neglected, abused, mistreated, hungry, cold, lonely and frightened. How could anyone with a heart, seeing such images before their eyes, not be deeply affected and moved to action — to help, to do SOMETHING to end the plight of these sorrowful creatures?

Indeed, these television commercials ARE very effective, as they show all who are watching the effects of cruelty, abuse and neglect. But these are not PEOPLE we are talking about, they’re dogs and cats, and the commercials are not for a rescue mission, homeless shelter or food pantry. No, these commercials air regularly on network television on behalf of the ASPCA — the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

According to their website, the ASPCA boasts over 2 million contributors — people who respond to the television commercials we see often. I don’t really know ANYTHING about the ASPCA, except that their television commercials are extremely moving and heart wrenching, and it seems like I see them every time I turn on the TV, (which is not very often)…. yet they are on every time.

Now, I love animals, don’t get me wrong. But as I have watched these commercials over the years, I have had some real concerns. Specifically, why is it that an organization dedicated to humane treatment and rescue of abused animals can run NATIONAL television commercials to expose the evil of animal cruelty and abuse, and these commercials can run FREQUENTLY, and this evil is EXPOSED FREQUENTLY on NATIONAL television, for ALL to see…. yet with all the pro-life organizations in this country, all those who know the truth about abortion and seek to end it, I haven’t seen a single television commercial to compare to the heart-wrenching images put out by the ASPCA regarding animals. Not one. In fact, other than during election time, I don’t see ANY television commercials that mention the crime of abortion AT ALL, ANYWHERE. How can this be?

If the ASPCA has 2 million supporters, to rescue animals, SURELY there must be at least 2 million pro life people in this country, willing to come together and expose the ugly truth about the slaughter of the most innocent and helpless of all: preborn HUMAN BABIES! Hundreds of thousands of precious babies, knit together by God Himself in their mothers’ wombs, and 58 million — SLAUGHTERED for the sake of convenience and profit — since our country legalized this abomination in 1973! In all that time, I have never seen, NOT ONCE one single national commercial to raise awareness and educate the public on the horrors of abortion. Something is not clicking here.

One well-known pro-life organization alone, National Right to Life, has more than SEVEN MILLION members, with 3,000 local chapters and 50 state affiliates! And there are SCORES of other pro-life organizations out there as well. You’re telling me that we cannot SOMEHOW organize to produce and broadcast a national television commerical similar to the ones we see DAILY from the ASPCA? How can this be???

Part of the problem is that, while I have no doubt most pro-lifers are well intentioned, I believe they’re going about their work in the wrong way. They’re relying on government, and trusting self-serving politicians to change the laws, to incrementally put measures in place that will make abortion a less attractive — though still LEGAL — option for pregnant women to “choose.” They are working to get the baby killing centers more regulate. Some are working on “Personhood Amendments” to their state Constitutions. (Nice idea, but you see how well that worked with the many State Marriage Amendments our Supreme Court seemingly wiped away with one simple decision!) And SOME, after YEARS of receiving countless dollars from donors have achieved, really, nothing more than the legal right to offer “Choose Life” license plates for peoples’ cars. We can do better. We MUST do better.

These measures HAVE NOT and WILL NOT work to end abortion. They may make the pro-death people angry, they may help to make the politicians more popular among conservatives for a while, giving the illusion that they are really TRYING, but then we continue to do the same thing we have always done, yet we somehow expect a different outcome. That’s the very definition of insanity. But “insanity” seems to be the way of the world these days.

Another part of the problem is that there are SO MANY pro-life organizations out there, but only so many pro-life supporters to go around…. and all the pro-life organizations are vying for the same funding from the same donors. There does not seem to be any cohesiveness, no working together for a common cause. Let’s face it… it’s been 44 years now, and the pro-death crowd is more vocal and more “out there, in your face” than ever before. Obviously, the status quo is not working.

But it’s not JUST the fault of the pro-life groups — it’s also the fault of the politicians and the entire governmental process that they have courted and counted on for so long. They have no intention of really DOING ANYTHING when it comes to ending abortion. It does, indeed, seem to be nothing more than a game they play every election cycle to garner votes from the gullible conservative pro-life crowd.

The TRUTH of baby killing is out there, for anyone with a rational mind to see. We know, now, through the amazing technology of the 21st century that life begins at the moment of conception. We know these little ones feel pain as they are burned alive and torn apart. We’ve even heard people justify the horiffic act of “partial birth abortion,” in which a baby is nearly fully delivered, except for the head, and then it’s tiny spinal cord and brain is pierced with a knife, sometimes decapitated — just seconds from birth. The pro-death crowd defends this practice because, they argue, the life of the mother may be at stake. How can THIS possibly save the life of the so-called “mother?” In two more seconds, the baby would be born alive and healthy. It’s a ridiculous and hideous argument. It makes me sick to my stomach, and it should have the same effect on you, too. If we continue to look the other way when it comes to abortion, and the grisly practices of these so-called “doctors,” how are we any better than ISIS? The abortionists may as well be wearing ISIS head coverings and masks and shouting “Allauh Akbar” — they do the same evil work.

We even know now that the abortionists sell the body parts of these precious little ones for high dollar profits. We watched with our own eyes “Dr.” Mary Gatter, Medical Director of Planned Parenthood’s Pasadena, California abortion center tell an undercover investigator how badly she wants a Lamborghini, and so she wants to make sure she receives as much money as possible for the dead bodies of the babies she kills! And what do our trusted government officials do about it? They prosecute the undercover investigator, while Planned Parenthood continues to be funded by your tax dollars and mine!

Back to the ASPCA commercials I was talking about earlier… did you know that 30-second ads on local TV stations generally cost between $250 and $1500? Quite expensive. But those prices can go as high as $250,000 for a popular TV show on a national network. Pricing varies by time slot, network, and other factors. HOWEVER, non-profit organizations — like the ASPCA — often receive DONATED air time. The stations often categorize these as “Public Service Announcements” and run them in hard-to-fill time slots. Radio and print media do the same. So between radio, TV and print, a large national charity like the ASPCA could conceivably receive $10 – $20 million dollars of DONATED advertising in any given year. The media outlet writes off the expense as a donation to the non-profit, and the “non-profit” receives free national publicity, which usually solicits donations to their cause.

But I find it interesting that OTHER non-profit organizations, including those dealing with pro-life matters, are never given the same consideration by any national media… If pro-life groups want to get their message out, they will pay full price for it… IF the media outlet will even ACCEPT the ad at all. Often they are discriminated against under the guise of being “too political” in nature, or “too offensive” in content. On more than one occasion, pro-lifers have had to go to court in order to be granted the same free speech rights afforded to those promoting the welfare of ANIMALS.

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