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Deported Illegal Aliens Bear Responsibility for Their Children, We Don’t


The argument that the President of the United States cannot “break up families” by deporting illegal aliens is specious. It is the sworn duty of our President to execute the laws of this sovereign nation against illegal entry or invasion by any people from a foreign country. The onus of a family breakup rests with the illegal alien. The alien ignored the law to come to America and live criminally while here. Every illegal resident is technically a criminal, by law, because many criminal activities attach themselves to the evasion of deportation. The sooner Americans open their eyes to this fact, the better off our nation will be.

Aliens decide whether to leave their children behind. If their children are minors, it is their parental responsibility to take those children with them to their native countries, so as not to be separated from them. When children born in America reach the age of maturity in their parents’ countries, they can attempt to return to America. I hope soon, however, Americans will end the lawless travesty of “anchor babies,” which allows illegal aliens to claim American citizenship for children born in this country illegally. The Founders never intended for such a phenomenon as anchor babies. American citizenship is too cherished a commodity for us to continue allowing its abuse in that fashion.

Leftists, whose stated aim is to destroy America as it was founded, and bleeding hearts who profess conservatism or Christianity are playing their usual “guilt-trip” game. If they can con enough Americans into feeling sorry for the children of these lawless aliens, they can advance their anti-Christian, anti-American agenda. And that agenda proffers American citizens have no right to own this piece of earth, but rather America is a global space that belongs to the world.

That narrative is at best blatantly ludicrous and at worse treasonous. America owes nothing to anybody except its citizens, natural born or naturalized. Anybody else on this soil is here by the American people’s good graces: green card holders, visa holders, visitors, and especially refugees. I, personally, am getting sick and tired of tiptoeing around my country as though my ancestry doesn’t go back several hundred years and my family members, along with many other Americans, did not spill blood for this plot of land.I know the vast majority of Americans (natural born or naturalized) feel the same way I do; otherwise, Donald Trump would not have been elected President. Now that he is in the White House, we realize our situation as a nation has become even more dire and in graver need of attention.

Trump’s governing philosophy, which is strictly America and Americans first, has unleashed a virulent hatred from the Left and its duped professed conservatives and Christians, among others. What this element of our society reveals is that we are in a battle for control of our home. And we’d better view that battle seriously or we will lose our home.

The biggest enemy in our fight, besides the Left, is the media. Too many media types have divorced patriotism from their professions. Many are millennials who have been indoctrinated in education systems completely controlled by the Left, so they have no sense of what patriotism means. Many know practically nothing about the Constitution (other than that it exists) and even less about the Bible view of nations.

Case in point, recently on the Fox Business News “After the Bell” broadcast, anchor David Asman interviewed his guest, longtime conservative activist David Horowitz. In discussing a recent deportation of a criminal illegal alien in Phoenix, AZ, Asman interrupted Horowitz to give a bleeding-heart diatribe about the necessity to feel sympathy for the woman’s children, who were born in America.

Horowitz, true to his staunch opposition to such misplaced sentimentality, fired back that he was not sympathetic, because the fault lies with the children’s mother who broke our laws to get here. Horowitz further stressed that we are a nation of laws and people who break them must be held accountable. Period.*

David Horowitz’s sentiments are shared by many, many Americans, but those sentiments are being denigrated by the media, out of ignorance and the Left, by design.

The children of all law-breakers suffer as a result of the decisions their parents make—thieves, murderers, rapists, extortionists often have children. Few if any bleeding hearts concern themselves with those children, however, spotlighting their hypocrisy as regards the children of illegal aliens.

American patriots are at a crossroad. Either we will seize this moment of reprieve Donald Trump has afforded our nation, or we will die as a nation. Either we will fight the scourges of subversion and lawlessness orchestrated by the Democrat Party and their satanic minions, or we will be subsumed by them. Either we will end the rampant illegal invasion of our country and send the Mexican-flag-waving hordes back to Mexico, or we will become the national basket case that Mexico, itself, has become. Either we will fight the leftist assault on our Constitution by criminals in black robes, who have become maniacal in their rulings against the well-being of our nation, or we will live as slaves under judicial tyranny. And finally, we will fight the godless perversions that currently drive our culture, or we will suffer the fate of societies before us and be destroyed by our degeneracy (the city of Sodom comes to mind). That is the bottom line.
* David Horowitz has published an excellent book, which discusses the leftist, progressive strategy for taking down America through immigration and other nefarious schemes. Coming out of the Left where he encountered firsthand their true intentions toward America, he is more than adequately suited to offer a counter-strategy in the war against them. His book is titled Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America. It’s available at online stores and well worth the read.

© Sylvia Thompson


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