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FBI Answers FBWhy?


For years, the anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) bragged about its work with the FBI. Their partnership on issues like “hate crimes” helped fuel the Obama administration’s fierce targeting of mainstream pro-family groups. That abruptly ended in 2014, when the agency distanced itself from the controversial organization. When the FBI dumped SPLC from its hate crimes resource webpage, the media was as stunned as the rest of the Left. Now, thanks to new documents, Americans are finally getting the whole story behind the move to cut ties — and the reasons might surprise you.

After more than two and a half years, the FBI finally got around to answering a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for communications surrounding the split. Turns out, conservatives weren’t the only ones with concerns about the radical group. Despite being linked in federal court to domestic terrorism, SPLC, the self-anointed authority on “hate,” had remained a go-to ally of the Obama administration. That all changed, emails reveal, when FRC took our concerns to Congress about the ties between SPLC and the gunman who walked into our lobby in 2012 and shot Leo Johnson. According to the Daily Caller:

“The timing of the decision is somewhat notable. The FBI, based on dates in the email, made the decision almost immediately after meeting with congressional staffers regarding concerns expressed by the head of the Family Research Council, a pro-family, pro-heterosexual marriage organization. The FRC’s head complained in February 2014 that its presence on SPLC’s ‘hate watch’ list inspired a terrorist attack on the organization [a fact upheld in federal court]. Floyd Corkins, the shooter, explicitly targeted FRC in August 2012 and wanted to kill as many employees as possible precisely because FRC had been listed as an ‘anti-gay’ group on the SPLC’s website since 2010. The FBI met with these congressional staffers March 12, 2014, and a document obtained by TheDCNF showed that the FBI promised to reevaluate the SPLC’s presence on the ‘resource’ tab on the agency’s site.”

The concerns we expressed to our friends in Congress was not just about FRC and our safety, it was about the dozens of pro-family groups and Christian organizations that the SPLC has targeted because of their biblical view of human sexuality. Just how outside the mainstream are the claims of SPLC? This was the Obama FBI that distanced itself from SPLC. When an administration as truth-challenged as Obama’s distances itself from an organization like SPLC over a “number of concerns,” you know it’s serious. Now, with an honest, law abiding administration coming into place hopefully those endangered by SPLC’s reckless tactics will not have to fear this group having influence in the Department of Justice for a long, long time.


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