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The Jewish People Were Scattered Worldwide — Who Regathered Israel? (Video)


“Dr. Brown’s reason has deserted him,” exclaimed one YouTube viewer.

Another opined, “Utter nonsense,” while still another added, “Totally faulty logic.”

What drew such intense reactions?

It was my new, 60-second video on the regathering of Israel, the first in what will be a new series called “Instant Insight with Dr. Michael Brown.”

Others viewers dubbed the video “brilliant” and our “best video yet,” with the thumbs ups ratings outpacing the thumbs down at roughly 20 to 1.

What’s interesting, though, is not that some viewers are reacting to the video so harshly. Instead, it’s that they are rejecting the thesis of the video – namely, that, based on biblical truths, the modern State of Israel must be a divine act rather than a human act – without coming up with a better one.

And so, my challenge remains: If the Jewish people were scattered worldwide under God’s judgment (as the Bible states repeatedly), and if it impossible for human beings to overturn what God decrees, then how could the Jewish people regather themselves without divine help?

We know that when God blesses no one can curse and when He curses no one can bless and that when He opens a door no one can close it and when he closes a door no one can open it.

So, if God scattered Israel in judgment and yet Israel has been gathered again today, there can only be one explanation: God Himself did it.

Take one minute to watch this new, graphics-enhanced video – the first in what will be a new series in the coming months – and see if you agree with those who think my reason has deserted me or with those who call this our best video yet.

What do you think?


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