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Trump and Obama

Trump and Obama: What Has Changed Between Them on Homosexuality and Saudi Arabia?


The White House said last Tuesday that President Donald Trump will continue to enforce an Obama’s executive order granting special rights to homosexuals in the workplace, making it clear that such order will remain intact “at the direction” of Trump.

“President Donald J. Trump is determined to protect the rights of all Americans, including the LGBTQ community,” said a statement released by the White House. “President Trump continues to be respectful and supportive of LGBTQ rights, just as he was throughout the election.”

The White House said Trump is proud to have been the first GOP presidential candidate to mention the LGBTQ community in his nomination acceptance speech, “pledging then to protect the community from violence and oppression,” which is a commonly used language and euphemism to advance the gay agenda.

How it affects churches, we do not know, but if you have a Christian organization and you do not hire homosexuals or if you do not accommodate their immoral lifestyle and ideology, the Trump administration offers to you the same thing the Obama administration offered: no financial relationship. But punishment.

About Trump’s decision to keep Obama’s homosexualist order, Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), said,

“This is the first sign we have that President Trump will be triangulating on homosexuality versus abortion. As exhilarated as we were to watch the Trump administration confidently and boldly stand for the protection of the unborn at the March for Life, we are now deeply disappointed that Mr. Trump has chosen to defend false LGBTQ ‘rights’ based on changeable homosexual and gender-confused behaviors.”

He added,

“We condemned Obama when he advanced a sin-based agenda in the name of ‘Equality.’ We must do no less with President Trump.”

Pro-family leader Bryan Fischer remarked that with his decision to keep Obama’s order, “Trump bans Christian-run businesses who won’t affirm sexual deviancy from doing any work for federal government.”

The Trump administration has revealed hypocrisy in major points. If it is serious about the gay agenda as Obama was, why a normal relationship with Saudi Arabia, which murders homosexuals? The Obama administration condemned Christians opposed to the gay agenda, but had never condemned Saudi Arabia.

Last week Trump spoke by telephone with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman. He did not call him to condemn Saudi Arabia for murdering homosexuals. He called “to strengthen cooperation on fighting radical Islamic terrorism.”

Considering that Saudi Arabia is the main sponsor of the Islamic terrorism in the world, asking such Saudi help is akin to have Franklin Roosevelt asking Hitler to help America fight Nazism or have Ronald Reagan asking the Soviet Union to help America fight Soviet communism. It is illogical. It makes no sense.

In his call, Trump also “requested, and the Saudi king agreed to support, safe zones in Syria,” according to the DailyMail.

As admitted by the DailyMail, “Carving out safe havens in the civil war-torn Middle Eastern country would most likely require a massive deployment of US ground troops” in Syria.

For interventions in Syria, with Saudi support Obama deployed ISIS and Islamic rebels, who raped and murdered thousands Syrian Christians.

Now, with Saudi support, again, America under Trump wants to deploy thousands of American soldiers in Syria.

Because Obama and Trump never had any permission from the Syrian government to deploy troops in Syria, this is invasion.

Because the past U.S. administration created ISIS, which ravaged Syria, this is terrorism.

Because Saudi Arabia, which wants to help Trump in the invasion, is the main sponsor of the Islamic terrorism in the world, this is terrorism.

If Trump is serious about fighting Islamic terrorism, why did not he put Saudi Arabia in his black list?

If Trump is serious about helping Syrian refugees in alleged safe zones, why does not he ask the official permission from the Syrian government?

If he is serious about keeping Obama’s homosexualist decrees, why does not he condemn Saudi Arabia?

Besides, Obama imposed unfair sanctions against Russia, especially because Russia has an excellent law banning homosexual propaganda to children and adolescents. Trump has not reversed Obama’s sanctions.

Since the Obama administration, Russia has been a model against the gay agenda. As far as it depends on Trump, who seems not to want America reversing Obama’s homosexualist laws, Russia will continue to keep the leading position among Christian nations against the gay agenda.

Russia is in Syria helping Syrians, whose Christians are Orthodox as are Orthodox Christians Russians, because the Syrian government gave official permission for Russia to be in Syria. Anything less is invasion.

Trump is building a wall to protect U.S., and he deserves support on this. He is putting Islamic nations in his black list because he wants to protect the U.S.

But by keeping Saudi Arabia off his list and planning to invade Syria, he is inconsistent with conservative Christians and consistent with Obama and Hillary Clinton.

By keeping Obama’s homosexualist decrees he has the same inconsistency and consistency.

Saudi Arabia, which is an enemy of Syria, has no Christian community and bans Israelis from its territory. In contrast, Syria has one of the oldest Christian communities in the world. The Bible is not banned by the Syrian government. Saudi Arabia officially bans the Bible. Why had Obama a good relationship with Saudi Arabia, not Syria? Why has Trump a good relationship with Saudi Arabia, not Syria?

Why is Trump expressing a willingness to follow in Obama’s footsteps?

If Trump wants to “help” Syria, why call Saudi Arabia, the enemy of Syria?

If Trump does not want the U.S. invaded, why has he discussed with the Saudis about invading Syria?

Conservative Christians should not make the same mistake that they made regarding to former President George W. Bush. They supported him because of his pro-life stances. But they did not question him over his invasion of Iraq, which took a heavy toll on Iraqi Christians.

Conservative Christians liked Trump’s speech against neocons, but his stance on the gay agenda is not a good thing for America now and her future. And it is not good for the world, because America is an empire that guides the world as a model for better or worse.

Good Christians prophesied a good political administration for Trump. But what good will be if he does not choose to live prophetically such calling?

Trump has no conservative history, and he had connections with Obama and Hillary. His speech against neocons in his campaign was a fresh air of real conservatism, and the current pro-life stance of his administration is also a fresh air after eight years of the foul odor of the pro-abortion stances of the Obama administration.

Yet, by keeping the same homosexualist laws of Obama, including his illegal interference in Syria with Saudi assistance, Trump chose the same foul odor of left-wing radicals and neocons.

Let us hope he may change his course.

With information from the DailyMail and the Hill.

Portuguese version of this article: Trump e Obama: O que mudou entre eles sobre homossexualidade e Arábia Saudita?


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